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Thank you! I will definitely try this recipe. Just a quick question, do you think I could sub butter in place of the shortening?
I don't know. This story is getting a little hard to believe. She chose, and you allowed her to pick up a cake at midnight? Who does that?Based on your picture, that cake would have been an easy fix, and could have been repaired using whatever spare bits of fondant you had left over. Just because you are under charging her, does not give you the right to say, "oh well". You told her what you charge, you told her what you would provide, and you didn't provide that. There...
That's what happens to me when I get a bad batch of egg whites. It will whip up, but as soon as I pour the sugar syrup in (I make IMBC) it turns into soup and takes a long time to whip up. It also never gets stiff enough. Still usuable, but not the perfect result I was looking for. I would try again with a new carton of eggwhites. When it works properly (which is most of the time) it doesn't react any differently then eggwhites out of the shell.
Hmm, I just realized that my recipe states to take it to 125c, which is actually 257F, so in addition to using pastuerized eggs, it would look like I am getting the syrup hot enough as well.
Make sure to shake your carton well, sometimes that makes a difference too! Good luck!
I use pasteurized egg whites for my IMBC all the time. Occassionally I do get a bad batch that won't whip up and I just end up using it in white cake recipes. For the most part though they look exactly like you've described and work perfectly. Some people will tell you that these aren't suitable in meringues, but this has not been my experience at all.I have learned the hard way that if you freeze them and defrost later, they do not work!
I'm sorry. Based on your first comment "So please tell us how to ensure your IM reaches 160 when the syrup fails to do so" I assumed that you didn't understand the process.I also mentioned that the only way to be sure that your eggs were reaching 160 is to use a thermometre, however personally I just use pasteurized eggs because I make way more IMBC then I do anything that requires only yolks. Personally I think it's a pretty safe bet that 245 syrup (which will continue to...
I have the large single blade (and am considering buying the second blade!). I love love love it. The inside of my cake is now as pretty as the outside, it is so easy to use. I do about 1 cake a week and this is by far my favorite tool!
In IM, your syrup is reaching 245. If you are really concerned with gauranteeing that your eggs reach 160 (which I am sure they do with the temp of the syrup coming to 245), you could put a thermometre in the mixing bowl after you've added the syrup to the egg whites.Or alternatively, you could make SM and bring the entire mixture to 160.
Sorry, I should have specified that I was looking for scratch recipes. Thank you though! I used to use that recipe as well and I agree it tastes great!
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