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I had trouble putting the picture on i put it under my personal pictures. it's the pink "juicy" cake!
How would I do the lid on this cake? Also how do i lay the scalloped edge fondant. I know there is the tool to cut out the scalloped edge, but do i lay the brown fondant on the cake, then try to cut the scalloped edge? Or roll my fondant out and cut the scalloped edge then carefully line it up and lay it on? Thanks in advanced!
I LOOOVEEE his chocolate ganach!!! Yummm yumm!
thanks all!!! I think i might give it a whirl!! of course on a much smaller scale!! I will post pictures if i find sometime to do it before the holiday!
Hi all! Just wondering if anyone saw the next great baker last night?! I loved the guys christmas tree, but they skipped out on how they supported the cake!! I understand you need a great center support. But they carved round cakes almost into a star shape, then off set each tier to look like branches! (*am i making sense!? ha ha) would they have used cardboard cut like the star shape under each tier, or plywood, or what?! Thanks!!
yummmm!! I just made some for my daughter's christmas party!! They were such a hit!!! ALL of the cookies were eaten!! And i looved the clean look of the cookies!! GO FOR IT!!
I just did my first zebra cake! I thought it turned out really nice!! I didnt want to take any big i took an easy route! I covered my cake in white fondant then hand cut out pieces of black fondant!! It was really easy to you could take a step back and look at it...and move pieces if it doesnt look the way you want it to!! take a look its in my photos!
I have never done this...still an amatuer ha ha! But I watch videos on you tube and have seen someone freeze a panel of fondant to make a shoe box!! Im curius to see what the experts have to say on this! I would imagine as long as you didnt leave it in the freezer to long it would be ok.
I agree with all that has been said!!! Using half butter and dark vanilla in your BC should do the trick!!
Thanks to everyone who replied!! I played around a little bit with it and added light cornsyrup!!! That made such a difference...although i couldnt roll it out to thin. But next time i make MMF I will try the gelatin pack! Guess i have to just make it a few more times and really play around with it to see what works best for me! Thanks for the help!
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