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I would make 2 batches!
I would definetly use gumpaste! It dries quickly and will be pretty light! I used gumpaste on the beak for my platypus cake! Take a look! I just inserted skewers into the beak then directly into the cake! You can use a bit of melted chocolate to glue it onto the cake!
I personally would do an 8 and 10 inch to feed 48people and talk it over with the customer to see if they agree because of the ages.
I think it looks nice! I like the color and the imprint you added to it! but if you have time (or next time) I would add more loops to make a more full bow!
What about cupcake bouquets?!
I think the 4 -6" cakes stacked would be nice! You could even do like a tiki pole and have 2 tiki faces(One stacked on the other!)
Your fondant is probably "sweating" from taking it out of the fridge to room temperture! It should go back to normal once all the condesation dries! You can speed up the process by placing it by a fan(clean** fan that is)
I would put it infront of a fan to speed up the sweating process!
Awesome! Thank you!! I will post pics when I'm done!
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