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I have a last minute order for a wedding cake!! They are very laid back about what they want! They did tell me they wanted a certain cake that I have done, minus the flowers! Her cake will be a two tier, her only request is that I add in her colors (Lavander and orange) BUT the wedding is this sunday so I dont have time to make flowers, because I have other orders! So I guess I am looking for ideas to incorporate lavander and orange into this vine cake!! The bride...
sps. which i have used numerous time! But what happened was someone pulled out infront of me on the highway causing me to break hard and swerve
Thanks for the kind words! Luckily the design was forgiving! and the huge flowers helped hide some flaws!! Wish me luck..this weekend I have another 4 tier!! I will most definetly be stacking this one on site!!!!!!
Just thought i would share with everyone my first cake disaster!!! I was doing my first 4 tier wedding cake for my husband's friends wedding! I have done 3 tier wedding cakes with no problem before and was excited for my first large wedding cake! The venue was about 30 minutes from my home, along the way a car decided to pull out infront of me on the highway causing me to slam on my breaks and swerve!!! Aghhhh im assuming you can figure out what happened next! Yep..IT...
thank you!
Im doing this gorgeous fondant ruffle cake!! I have searched how to do this and it seems like everyone covers their cakes with fondant first and then adds their ruffle pieces with gum glue! I was wondering if you could just attach the ruffle pieces to buttercream? Or do you think eventually the pieces would start slipping down the buttercream? Any advice would be appreciated! thank you!!!
I had been asked as well! I didn't think it would be worth it! I thought the fee was too much for a "paper flyer" or business card to be dropped into their bridal bags among 50other papers! I know when I went in for my bridal dress and they gave me the packet of information, I tossed it all aside!
I make my own mmf and I like it! Most everybody will eat atleast some of it! I think it does depend on how thick you roll it! If it is really think on a cake I think it tastes way to gummy with a nice moist piece of cake!
Sorry I didn't see you said DOUBLe layers! Oops! I would make 4!! Sorry
I don't have an Answer for you, but I would be curious to know this too!
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