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Alan you havent yet answered anyones question or comments as to why you havent notified any customers or why you continue to allow people to purchase online when your website isnt secure?   I think I can speak for a few other cake central members when I ask you to please answer...
if you read through this thread, someone said they ordered by phone and still got hacked!!! just a heads up!
Had I known of this issue I would not have purchased from them! And trust me I will no longer purchase from them!
has anyone tried to pursue any further action?   I mean the more I read the more I see that it has happened to some people 3+ times!
thank you! Im just trying to get more information for when I talk to a person in their "account department"
I LOVE Global sugar art! They ship quickly and have a wide variety of products! I dont buy frequently as im just a small LEGAL at home bakery!   With that being said, My last two purchases, my card number got hacked!!! AHHH   The first time I wasnt sure as to how or where my number was stolen! So i went to the bank and filed fraudulant(sp) charges! It was taken care of by my bank...a bit drawn out, but i couldnt use my account or card. My bank sent me a new card...
wait I lied...i need a red velvet recipe too ;)
I fell inlove with cake decorating!! I started my business with cake box mixes and added ingredients to that! Now after being in business for about a year and a half, I think its time to start scratch baking! Only problem is, I have a lot of good scratch recipes that work well...except a yellow/vanilla cake and a white cake! For the life of me and cant get one that doesnt have corn bread consistancy, or is overly sweet, or not enough flavor! The last recipe I tried was...
Thank you for all your help! She does not want fresh flowers, so my orignal thought was to put ribbon around each tier. But I do think maybe a few buds or blossoms would look pretty!The bride emailed me and just said "a few specks here or there of our colors would work". Does anyone think, a simple pearl design along with the vines would be too much?
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