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Hi everyone,I'm not sure is this has been posted before or not. I was wondering how you attach large edible flowers like a peony tO the side of a cake. I have someone who want the peonies cascading down the side of the cake and thought it would be easy until I thought of how to secure them. I don't normally use gumpaste or fondant I mainly work with modeling chocolate. Is this possible with a large chocolate flower? Thanks and I appreciate any help.
I have a picture but it won't let me open it. Thank you for all you help. I plan on doing the cake a golden brown tuscan/rustic look to it with an old style looking rope border. I want to put deep red peonies, green hydrangeas and purple grapes on the cake. Maybe a grape vine traveling all over the cake. Standing next to the cake will be a chocolate wine bottle with wine inside it
Hi everyone!I am doing a tuscan style wedding cake and would like some advice. I would like to make the tiers a faux tuscan textured look that you would normally see in homes. I'm unsure how to go about doing this. Do I just use icing color with alcohol.... Or should I use dusting powders. If i do dusting powders should I do them dry or with alcohol. If anyone knows of a tutorial or a technique I would greatly appriciate any help. Thanks
How does a bird cage with a bird on top of it in flight sound? Also in ribbon it will say *Free as a Bird* With an antique key next to the cage.
I agree with not starting off cheap. If I were to go back in time I would have started off right but I didn't think people would give me a second thought if I priced my cakes where they should have been. It is a new year now would be the best time to adjust those prices. For every year of experience I would increase your prices.
Seriously you need to double your prices. I got to a point where i got sick of just paying for my passion. What I did for a while was have my prices cheap to get the customers but once I showed them I can do a good job and they told friends and family about me I slowly bumped my prices. Im still getting a constant flow of customer and I thought they would think I'm crazy for charging that much for a cake. I live in a small town in alaska so most people here want a cheap...
I agree with $250. If you think that's to high I wouldn't go any cheaper than $200. Don't sell yourself short. It take alot of work to make a cake especially with the details you have added. I learned this the hard way. If they dont like your price maybe offer a smaller version of the cake. Maybe an 8,6,4" at 150 or just an 8,6" at $125. I would start off by asking what kind of budget they are looking to stay in and then go from there. Goodluck and great job on the cake
Hi everyone! I am having major issues with my pricing! I have a client who would like a 3D army tank with a GI Joe coming out the top and dog tags with his name on them. I have no idea how to price a 3d cake let alone gumpaste work. What do you think is an appropriate price??? To give you a better idea. The cake will be two 9x13s and a 6" round covered in fondant. The figure and dog tags will be made out of gumpaste. I'll have chocolate bullets and guns on the cake as...
Does anyone know of any edible dove tutorials? I can't seem to find any. Preferable 3 demensional. I am putting two of them on top of a cake and I would like them to be in flight. Thanks so much
Oh I like the free as a bird idea! Much more cheerful and happy than open handcuffs. I was thinking a two tiered round cake. Maybe I could do the bottom tier look like jail bars and the second be clouds. On the top have the one bird in stripes and the other be the female bird waiting. Does that sound like a good idea?? You guys are all very helpful thank you. I am a new cake decorator and just opened a home based Cakery and this website has been very inspiring. Everyone...
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