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Well said! I absolutely agree. People can't seem to justify paying for edible artwork. If they would like, I'd be happy to make them a cake display that they can keep forever, if they are worried about paying for something that is gone by the end of the night. You would think all these cake shows on the television would get people to at least get an idea of how much work goes into the creations. Unfortunately you will always have people with a champagne taste, and a root...
I learned this trick rather quick.I was stuck in your same situation with people not responding to me or asking for smaller cakes! I have a website set up that I refer all of my customers to before we discuss details. It displays my cake, flavors and BASIC prices for my cake,s by how many mouth they would like to feed. That does not include a bunch of detail work or any rental equipment. That would be my suggest. That will help you weed out the people that don't want to...
Working on a disney princess inspired cake with hand painted princesses, fabric ruffles, roses, and crown on top. Then a valentines cake inspiration cake for me and hubby. We will not be in town for valentines, so why not make a cake early for the both of us. Pink champagne cake, strawberry filling with SMBC covered in fondant. :) YUMM!
$400 is exactly what I would charge for that amount of servings and that detail. Loving this thread. Nice to see all the different prices people throw out there that have cake experience, and understand the amount of effort put into these creations.
Thank you. If I were to add a fruit to the BC would I be able to put it under fondant and it keep its shape?
I have a customer that needs there cake to be dairy and gluten free. I was wondering if anyone has made SMBC with crisco or margarine and if it turned out good. She doesn't seem to have issues with margarine. Also want to know what the taste was like because I can always just make a crisco margarine and powdered sugar frosting if the SMBC taste awful. Just wanted to make the best flavor possible for my customers. Thanks
Ive heard price for ingredients is a little higher but I dont have anything to come to. My decorating supplies are all ordered online because we do not have any of those craft stores where I live.  
The original cake photo is absolutely beautiful. Is it bad that I would charge $700 for that cake? I live in a small town in Alaska, if that helps anyone with the reason behind my pricing. I have some experience under my belt and consider myself to be a fairly decent cakerator. Just curious what you all think. I charge 3.50 per slice for fondant and minimum decorations.
Hi,I live in a very small town in Alaska and I to had issues with pricing. My personal opinion on cost for that cake would be $85-100. Most bakers will sell a cake to you by the slice. If you can figure out a good price to charge by the slice then you just need to figure out how much extra to charge for decor. I was finding myself quickly getting frustrated when the clients want more and more from me and I wasn't getting paid enough to barely break even. That's when most...
Okay thank you. I normally apply my flowers with chocolate but wasn't sure if it would hold that large of a flower.
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