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The frostings I use have egg whites and cream cheese. I do like the idea of putting the refrigerator temp so its not so cold. I just don't want to purchase such an expensive item if I may not need it. I was thinking about leaving them out and then refrigerate them over night but I wasn't sure about the frosting going bad or not.
I have seen so many amazing and successful bakeries and I've noticed quite a few of them are not refrigerated. I am opening a small bakery where I live. I am not sure if refrigerating them would be best or not. I assumed anything with cream cheese or egg would need to be refrigerated especially if they are not all sold the first day. If anyone has any input I would be grateful. I need to know whether or not to buy a dry display case or refrigerated case.
This may seem like a dumb question but I'm doing my very first wedding expo. I am making cupcakes for people to try. Am I supposed to sell them or give them away for free. The expo was $100 for a table and two chairs plus I'm paying for hotel? Anyone have the answer. I don't want to sell if everyone is giving product out for free.
Hey everyone, I recently started using SMBC on my cakes and it is amazing at room tempature. Once it gets refrigerated it just isn't the same. I am going to be selling cupcakes out of a cafe and they need to be refridgerated. Is there a recipe out there other than the super sweet powdered sugar based frosting that can make it soft when cold? I don't want my customers turned away from the texture while its cold. Thanks
just curious to know how your trial turned out with the pudding mix?
I have messaged you. :) Thanks for your advice
Hey everyone,   I have been using a premade logo on vistaprint for my business. I am finally expanding my business and need a great custom logo to use. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on a website they have used and had great success. Also wanted to see if anyone had any great for a design for my business name. The name is Iced and Sliced. Slogan is "where cake meets art". I am having a bit of a creative block. I sell custom decorated cakes and will...
Hey everyone, I have a wedding cake that I'm making and the bride would like cream cheese under the fondant. I have had great success with traditional crusting cream cheese with PS but am not crazy about the flavor. The SMC cream cheese is so much better tasting and I would like to use it for her cake but am afraid it will not hold up? Has anyone ever tried it and had good success or has any photos of it under fondant that they would like to share. I use 8 oz of cream...
Looking for some advice. I have recently decided I need to add a terms and conditions form to my cakes. I was wondering if anyone had any advice as to the must haves that I should have on this form. The main reason behind these terms is that I have recently invested in items for my customers to rent, and want to make sure they sign terms saying it will be returned in so many days and state the rental fees. I was considering adding deposit, and cancellations to Thanks...
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