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Facebook!!! FREEEEE!! LOL! Sorry, I do not have a website, FB alone generates more biz than I can handle and I plan to ride it out till the next popular social media website comes along...Sometimes good things do come at no cost
Yay! FNCC!! I have not seen ya'll in a LOOOONNNGGG time!! Hope everyone is doing great and moving along with their orders! Tonight, I am FINISHED. OMG...finished before midnight! Is this allowed?? te hehehehe!!! I only had 3 orders to fill today, a 3 layer baby shower cake, a dinosaur cake for my nephew and my first cake for the Spring! Still having trouble believing I am finished for the night...Happy Caking! Can't wait to see the photos posted later!
I also charge an additional 50 cents per serving...regular BC cake is $2, BC with fondant accents is $2.50 and would include stripes, dots, or other simple fondant accents. Loopy bows, fondant figurines, or a fondant covered cake board are all charged separate. All fondant cakes will include a fondant board. I will also do price adjustments. Say I have a cake that is zebra on bottom, but nothing on top but a "16", I will charge $2.50 per serving for the bottom tier only,...
Ditto on the homemade pan grease!! I used to use Baker's Joy for ease, but after buying several bottles, I had to cut cost! The homemade pan grease works MUCH better in my opinion, less messy, and way cheaper!! I usually just do one cup of each flour, shortening, and oil and keep it in a Tupperware bowl and spread with either a paper towel or a silicone pastry brush!
Yes, Store them in a cake box and they will be fine! Don't store them near a heat source too though..chocolate+heat= MELTING DISASTER (go ahead, ask me how I know LAMO!!!)
I think it would look fine since they are separated will vary slightly from the photo, but I don't think it would look off!
I have frozen batter several times and it worked out great! The trick is bringing it to room temp. first, cold batter does not make a good cake!! I have baked it side by side with freshly made batter, couldn't even tell a difference!! I would not re-freeze the batter though...this was also done with WASC...scratch cakes may be different because they are much more fragile to the mixing process to begin with! Test it out, let us know how it worked for you! Oh, and I froze it...
I like this topic Thinking about the Xbox cake..I just did one this weekend and charged $125 for it. I have a minimum of $100 for any type of carved thinking that this one didn't have TOO much carving and no super advanced details...$125 felt fair. It was time consuming, but not nearly as much so with larger or more elaborate cakes!! I wish I knew what others in my area charged for something like that!
I agree, I won't frost cakes in cream cheese anymore! Its a PITA to smooth!! I use it as fillings though
I have a tasting booked with a bride who wants a Lavender cake...she studied in London in college and said it was very popular there...I have never tried it! Does anyone know of any good recipes to prepare for her? Also, what type of icing/filling does it pair well with? Thanks for any help I receive for this!
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