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Have to make a cake with floating flower tiers...... Bride to be wants square tiers - 6,8,10 and 12- with round floating flower tiers between each one. Will it be better to use SPS with the 7" legs or foam? It has to be delivered over an hour away, and Id rather travel with it completely assembled. With SPS I know that wont be a problem (Ive traveled with 6 tiers before) but with using the round underneath Im undecided as to what will work best. Thanks for any advice!
Mine was automatically sent-
Yep just got the same rejection letter! My only problem with this whole process, is how they string you along and get your hopes up- I mean telling to to let your boss know and all that these dates you may need really sucks! I would rather not know anything until it's all final! I don't think I'll be putting myself through this again!! Totally heartbreaking.....
Thanks all4cake..... I emailed her on the 13th of this week and her reply to me was that if I didn't get a call this week then I would know they decided I would not be a I dunno!!
Well, I hafta admit- after the last email I received from Julia, giving lots of details and stating to go ahead and let your boss at work know i may nee to have off, I did have my hopes up.....but alas I never got the call.... Good Luck to all who are picked for semifinals! instructions didn't say anything about UNedited video.....mine was edited an ended up being two videos.... but other than that, looks like we got the same letter! Hope they let us know when they have made decisions- so we're not all sitting around waiting for nothing! Good luck everyone- looks like there is a LOT of competition!
I posted mine as private so I could see if/ when they viewed it. Has anyone been contacted about being in the final that are going to NYC? The last thing I heard a few weeks back was that it was going to TLC for approval- and nothing since. Just wondering when I can stop biting my nails.....whichever way. Hate to sit here wondering if they have already picked! Good luck to all of my CC peeps!
Hey Cheryl!I know how you feel! I am self taught as well and if you look at my first photos, I hardly had ANY either when I first started! Its just the nature of the beast!! But, the good news is, with lots of practice your skills improve and so do the comments! I still have cakes that I have uploaded that I loved and thought were great that have no comments....I have learned to not take it personally though. Keep practicing- you are definately on the right track!! ...
Ive shipped several using Continental Airlines Cargo.....all arrived in perfect shape! The cost depends on the size and weight of the cake....
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