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Where do you get your liners for these? Are they difficult to find or a great deal more expensive? I'm wanting something a bit bigger than standard for an upcoming birthday. Also, for those of you that got them at Target and WalMart, are they called "Texas" pans or what? I may try to look for them next time I'm out. Thanks!
Hello, I plan on attempting SMBC for the first time tomorrow to put on chocolate cupcakes. I have a bottle of Princess Cake and Cookie and I've never used it. It smells amazing, but I don't know what flavor it will give off. So, my questions are:1. Is the Princess Cake and Cookie a good flavoring for SMBC?2. Does it pair well with chocolate cake? 3. If PC&C is NOT a good flavoring or a good pair with chocolate cake, what would be? Should I just stick with vanilla?I'm...
Okay, I thought putting them in the refrigerator would be a bad idea and it would take too long to come back to room temp. Thanks so much! Now, wish me luck I can figure out which one to do and actually pull it off.
Hi everyone, I am wanting to try my hand at either an IMBC or SMBC. I am wanting to just pipe some on some cupcakes for friends to try out. I've been reading posts on the MBCs and many say refrigerate until a few hours before needed, then allow to come to room temperature. Here are my questions:1. If I'm making the cupcakes then frosting when cool to take to a dinner that night, do I need to refrigerate? If so, for how long?2. Does SMBC or IMBC HAVE to be kept cold...
Just curious, when you say she wants it marbled, are you saying she wants chocolate and vanilla marble or different shades of white marbled?
I have no tips, but I'm so excited to see this cake! I love wintery cakes
I would also like to know if any sort of glue is used. Also, isn't the finished product heavy? I'm afraid it would topple over and tear the cake.To the OP, how did the cake turn out? It sounds like a fun cake!
Okay, I'm wanting to make some figures with fondant/gum paste (numbers, candles, etc) that I need to be able to stand on the cake and not fall over. I also am wondering how to do it without having one side of the shape flat (from laying on my drying surface). So, 1. How do you make things stand on our cake?2. How do you shape and dry without having a flat spot from the drying surface?
Hi, I am making a wedding cake as a gift for my cousin next week. She said she wants a white cake, but doesn't really care about the flavor. I plan on doing a WASC cake, but can't decide on flavor. I know I'm going to do a white buttercream (probably either vanilla or almond).I've never had a "traditional" white wedding cake. My own wedding cake was chocolate. What is more traditional? I just purchased a bottle of Princess Cookie and Cake, but I've never baked with it...
Sorry, I was on my phone and couldn't do much for you. Hopefully the link below will take you to the recipe (and so many others!). As for the sticky, when you go the forums, there are some threads that are always at the top, those are stickies. They are "stuck" at the top so people can find them easier.
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