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I need to make 3 dozen baseball cupcakes tomorrow and I have a few questions. How do I make the cupcake look like it has that round look like a baseball? Also, how do I pipe the buttercream on, and make it have that smooth look? Thanks for any help.
I want to make my new bf a FOX racing cake. He loves the fox racing logo, so I was gonna do a simple round cake or something like that and put the logo on top. I'm going to do chocolate buttercream on top and his favorite color is green. How do I put the Fox logo on it, I thought about the fbct but then it'll be the wrong direction and I want it to be buttercream. Does anyone have any good easy ideas on how I can make the logo look really good I really want to impress him....
What would you charge for the three different sizes of cupcakes by the dozen? So like the mini, reg, and jumbo cupcakes sizes by the dozen without any decorations, candy and such. Thanks.
I've never made cupcake mini's before and I have to make 2 dozen for tomorrow. How long should I bake them for? Thanks
I need some tips to making my writing better. I've been decorating cakes for a hobby for a year now, and my writing is still not that great. If anyone has any good tips please share.
I want to make a few little goodies for some of my co-workers for Christmas. I was thinking cake truffles, fudge. What are some other good fast little treats I can make? And how do I package them in the same box?
How do you keep the cookie's the same size and shape they are as when you cut them? I love the shape and size they are before I bake them, but after they're baked they're too big and not the shape I want. Thanks.
I've saw some good looking rocky road cupcakes on here. Does anyone have a recipe they can share?
I have the ball pan, and want to make a golf ball cake. How do I make the little hole indentions? Thanks.
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