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I just did my first edible images on glace cookies this week. I put the images on while the glace was wet. It worked perfectly. Just curious. Which printer are you buying? I really want one.
Diane,I bought a food saver vacuum sealer today and when I vacuum packed my cake balls (and I froze them overnight first) it distorted the shape of the cake ball. I had to take them all back out of the bag and reroll. Do you ever have problems with this? This is the first time I've use a vacuum sealer. I even try to stop it early and in order to get all the air out it distorts the shape of the ball a little.Also on the food saver bags it is textured on the inside on...
This may sound silly but the only way I've found to dip them and make them look nice is to insert a toothpick or stick into them. If they are not frozen then they fall off. Is this how you dip them? If so, how do you keep them from falling off the stick. If not, how?Thanks and sorry for so many questions. I'm starting to panic with this big quantity I need to make.
I meant to also add that they are cracking using this method and chocolate.
How do you dip? What kind of chocolate are you using? I use the chocolate candy coating from Kroger. I insert a toothpick and dip?
DianeHow long do you let them thaw? Also I've been inserting a toothpick to dip and if they are to thawed they fall off. How do you dip?
I would like to roll out my cake balls in advance. I am so confused. Some people say if you roll them out and freeze them to coat later then the chocolate coating will crack. Could I roll out 3-4 days early and not freeze them at all. Would they spoil at room temp? Does anyone do these in advance for events? It's been awhile since I made these but I remember my chocolate cracking some even if I only froze for 15-20 minutes??? Any tips on that?Thanks so much
Sorry nevermind the cookie sheet question. I just went back and read to use a vacuum seal bag. I suppose if I'm only freezing for about 3 days I could use a zip lock???
I've read if you freeze them too long it will cause the coating to crack when you dip them. Do you have this problem? I have a large order and would love to make them early and freeze but I didn't want my coating to crack.Also, you say you freeze them on a cookie sheet. Do you cover them somehow? or should I place in a zip lock bag?ThanksRobin
Hi,I have a friend that needs me to do ALOT of cookies for her for Halloween parties. I'm just curious if it would be easier on my hands to use an icing gun or is there such for glace icing? I've tried the pastry bags and then the plastic bottles but my hands get tired after a dozen or so cookies. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there such thing as a gun for glace type icing?ThanksRobin
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