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I was attempting to make a nice two tier cake with the new pans I got yesterday.The pan was a round 10X3 but after it finished baking it is sooo small! Up to where should you usually fill your batter for it to come nice and tall?Also when you guys mix your you do the recipes double? I made yesterday the CC recipe of Dawns yellow cake, and it wasnt enough to fill the small pan and the larger one. If I double the reciepes do they change or alter in anyway.Thanks
LoL!!! Yes this is me!!! My husband thinks im crazy. Its not a hugee pan its a 16X2. I also bought a set today of 3 square pans. But that last one is way to big for my freezer at least. I only have one small shelf that I have open for my cakes. I have the rest covered with homemade baby food for my twins. So that takes up a lot of room. Thanks for the reply!!! Maybe if I leave it in the fridge I can cut it without it crumbling on me...i ugess i can only try!
I wanted to thank the lovelyyy lady who had that big thread about the cricut cake. I bought one today it was half off at Michaels so I took advantage since it was only 199.I am using it with gumpaste that I bougth premade from wilton. and i was playing around with it and omg I was sooooooo frustrated!!!!!I remembered about the thread reading it last week and saying to put it in the freezer and roll thin...i did it and OMG what a difference I was actually able to cut out...
Oh I thought the cake after it was baked should go into the freezer to help it get hard for evening out and for putting the BC crumb coat on it. This is just a practice cake that I am doing not for anyone/anything.I am just starting to bake more as a side hobby at home. But I wasnt sure about the freezer thing.
So I bought a cake pan today and I want to try it out to see how it bakes, etc, and a practice cake. But now when I got home and I looked, the cake pan is a lot bigger than the area I have inmy freezer for cakes.What do you all do? Do you just leave it to cool really well overnight?Or should I attempt something else?
How do you guys do letters or spell things on your cakes? I usually do fondant cakes, so what would be the best way to get nice lettering without having to go buy a cricut cake!Thanks!
Thanks so much!! I will def. try that. I do think my BC is crusting well, its just those darn edges. I see round and square cakes with super sharp edges and I was like how do they get it to look like that! I guess practice practice practice.Thanks
Hi ladies hope all is well.How do you make cakes with fondant or BC so smooth on the edges. I cant do it! What tricks are there to do it and make it look sharp and neat.TFL
The fondant I made was a MMF receipe from here that I found and it had rave reviews for how good it tasted. that recipe calls for adding corn syrup and I have a feeling that is what is making it not work to wel for me.I made the other day the MMF from antoher site I found that it was just the Mini MM and water and sugar, and it worked well for me, but a few days later it was very dry didnt hold up well so I saw this one and thought I owudl give it a shot. I just dont...
I was also wondering if it could be the surface that I put it on. I am using it on my dining table which is a glass top table (since I have more space to work with) and the mat when I place it on the table makes a ton of tiny air bubbles on the bottom of the table becuase it completely sticks to the table. Dont know if it could be that and a combination of the bad is a pic of the surface of the fondant how it came out.
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