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I think it really depends on your recipe.  Many cream cheese frostings lean on the soft side and aren't really designed for cake decorating.  I have used Edna De La Cruz's crusting cream cheese recipe with good results, as it is a crusting cream cheese buttercream.  Here's a link to the recipe from her website:  Hope that helps!. 
For most gumpaste toppers (like a number for a birthday cake), I always make two of them, just to be safe.  It's tough to repair them, once they break.  Make sure the topper is not inserted into the cake during transport.  That's just asking for trouble.  Hope that helps!
 I agree.  It looks like other cakes I've seen posted on here when someone hit the brakes quickly or swerved to avoid an accident.
OP, I operated a cake biz under Ohio's cottage law for a couple of years.  I lived in Columbus.  I had both tastings for wedding cakes and pick-ups in my home.  As someone else previously suggested, I did not place my home address on my website.  I also made it clear on my website that I legally baked out of my home and that all cakes were by special order only.  Not once did I have someone show up unannounced.  Not once did I have an issue with a pick-up.  Also, I had...
Yep. I usually make my fondant decorations early in the week that the cake is due. But, you could make them much further in advance. Just make sure that you are storing them well so that they don't get contaminated.
Chefmaster also makes a gold spray that works well, too. I get it from my local cake store, but I'm pretty sure you can order it online, too. If you decide to use gold luster dust, I suggest that you do not use the Wilton brand, because it is very, very pale. It will not look "gold". You might try this brand, instead:!
I got one for Christmas two years ago. I've pulled it out a few times to try to figure out how to use it, without much luck. I'm not a very mechanically inclinded person, though. It's still sitting in my closet.
Usually, kitchen cakes have two layers and sheet cakes only have one. My kitchen cakes were often, but not always, less than the price per slice of wedding cake. If the wedding cake had a lot of piping/details, the kitchen cakes would be less, because it did not have the same piping/details. For a buttercream cake, it was simply iced with a border to match the wedding cake's border (shells, dots, reversed shell). But, if the wedding cake had minimal decorating (for...
I want to try this one pretty soon:
Crisco has 0 trans fats. They changed it a couple of years ago. You'll be hard pressed to find shortening in the grocery store with trans fats. Your best bets for a shortening based BC are to either: 1) use IndyDebbie's recipe (on this site) that adds Dream Whip or to 2) order/buy from cake store hi-ratio shortening. (I love Alpine.) HTH!
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