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How about adding them to some pumpkin scones or muffins
Thank you! They were really easy and I used fondant to make the "R"
I made these for my daughters bridal shower. I used candy melts instead of actual chocolate and had no issues. I actually made them a week in advance and stored them in an airtight container.
Here is a mmf recipe using candy melts
You could also use 1/2" foam board. Sometimes the dollar store carries it but I usually buy @ my craft store and I use that 40% coupon. That way it costs about $2.50 for a poster board size piece that I can get 2 12" rounds from. Just cut out with a utility knife and cover with fondant or fancy foil. Hope this helps:D
I have a digital portfolio on my iPad mini and I also use the cake stacker app for iPad & I phone. The app is a quick way to calculate servings and show a visual of cake size/shape. Having a tablet has saved me carrying a bunch of stuff around and I can add a square reader too so I can take payments.
I just did a version of the top cake this weekend. I printed the image out (several copies of the size needed) cut ot the image as a whole. Lightly dust back of paper w/cornstarch then use it as a template to cut your fondant. I use a 50/50 fondant gumpaste blend or fonadant with tylose added so it won't stretch so much. Then use your other paper copies to cut out other colors/ shapes. Think of it like a coloring book picture. Then add your thin layers of color to base...
Good luck! It'll be fine😄
Try researching a SPS system to stack your cakes. I recentlt did a large wedding cake on the hottest day of the year 100+.degrees. The system was really stable ( I did my research on CC)and greatly reduced my worry.
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