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Mix your fondant with some tylose powder, it will allow it to dry hard like gumpaste.
Heres a great video tutorial and recipe
Agreed! Mimi's books and Kara Buntin's book were both super helpful!
How about adding them to some pumpkin scones or muffins
Thank you! They were really easy and I used fondant to make the "R"
I made these for my daughters bridal shower. I used candy melts instead of actual chocolate and had no issues. I actually made them a week in advance and stored them in an airtight container.
Here is a mmf recipe using candy melts
You could also use 1/2" foam board. Sometimes the dollar store carries it but I usually buy @ my craft store and I use that 40% coupon. That way it costs about $2.50 for a poster board size piece that I can get 2 12" rounds from. Just cut out with a utility knife and cover with fondant or fancy foil. Hope this helps:D
I have a digital portfolio on my iPad mini and I also use the cake stacker app for iPad & I phone. The app is a quick way to calculate servings and show a visual of cake size/shape. Having a tablet has saved me carrying a bunch of stuff around and I can add a square reader too so I can take payments.
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