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Am I correct in assuming schedule c is also used for single member llc?
This because I LOVED Making the polar bear and penguins
Welcome! Craftsy has lots of very beneficial classes ( business & decorating) online for very reasonable prices ( on sale under $20). They are structured so they work for a variety of learning styles. Check out the small business association, they offer free work shops many areas. There's lots of information available on this site too. I've read LOTS of old threads. Two cc members have also written very helpful books "start & run a home based food business" by Mimi Fix and...
Here is the burlap mat
My last cake of the year....retro video game themed 40th bday complete with a Rkt arcade game topper...sorry for the bad pictures
Mix your fondant with some tylose powder, it will allow it to dry hard like gumpaste.
Heres a great video tutorial and recipe
Agreed! Mimi's books and Kara Buntin's book were both super helpful!
How about adding them to some pumpkin scones or muffins
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