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I just did a version of the top cake this weekend. I printed the image out (several copies of the size needed) cut ot the image as a whole. Lightly dust back of paper w/cornstarch then use it as a template to cut your fondant. I use a 50/50 fondant gumpaste blend or fonadant with tylose added so it won't stretch so much. Then use your other paper copies to cut out other colors/ shapes. Think of it like a coloring book picture. Then add your thin layers of color to base...
Good luck! It'll be fineπŸ˜„
Try researching a SPS system to stack your cakes. I recentlt did a large wedding cake on the hottest day of the year 100+.degrees. The system was really stable ( I did my research on CC)and greatly reduced my worry.
Oh my customer is the very young overwhelmed bride. Problem is MIL, step Mom and every one and there brothers wants to have a say. Bride is not great about returning messages or calls.....I'm sure it will all work out but I WILL NOT deliver 9 hrs or 5 hrs early(that was MIL's idea). It's all paid for so at least that's a plus. :D
Step mom was the one who wanted it there SO EARLY, "for pictures" LOL!!!! Sometimes you just have to laugh...what was she thinking
Oh no worries.πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜Š I used to be director of a large school my skin is thicker than that lol! They are driving me crazy but that's another story πŸ˜„. The cake will be buttercream and we've already had lengthy discussions on ac sturdy tables, and once cake is placed/set up I have completed my job. I plan to deliver assembled....I've carried a 6/8/10 thru a hotel and up three flights of stairs(elevator broke😟) son will help me carry so I'm not overly
I already told them no to 9hrs unless she was willing to sign waiver releasing me from all responsibility. I know it's my job to tell them & I have. My question was how far before event do you deliver? I was planning on two hours as not to be rushed.
Hi all! I rarely post anything but this time I need help only you all can provide. Yes, I am legal insured and all that jazz😊 I have made and delivered many tiered cakes with no issue. I have a "just in case" kit that I always take with me, deliver chilled structurally sound cakes. However.... In the next few weeks I will be delivering my largest cake yet...6/8/10/14 to a venue that is very close, 15 min max. The brides step mom wants cake delivered at 10am for a 7pm...
Yes if you are selling a product you need a tax ID. It's very easy to get and can be done online at You will also find links for free business workshops. And the amendment SB1915 did not pass
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