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is it to late to enter the flower contest???
Silly question, I am sure but,, if I have three 2 inch cakes that I want to make one tier of my cake (the bottom tier) is it safe to stack all three of the 2 inch cakes ontop of each other, or do i need to stack two of the cakes and then another cake board and the the 3rd ontop? kinda confusing i know,, help please
How thick should my fondant be when I do cut outs to put on my cake? Also, how long should I let my fondant covered cake rest before I start to stack them?
Thanks alot, I never really thought of that.. I just didnt think it would hurt at a birthday party, but you never know
I was asked to do a Toy Story cake, I was wanting to try and make a Buzz, and Woody figure to go on the top of the cake,. Which medium would be the best to do this, modeling chocolate, gum paste, or fondant? Any suggestion would be appreciated.
I wanted to know if anyone knows anything about a badger cyclone 180-12 compressor? I wanted to purchase an airbrush kit and had no clue what to get. I went to the local A.C. Moore shop, and found this compressor new, on clearance for $50 bucks. It was $320.00! I couldn't pass it up. I guess I just wanted to know if it a good one to airbrush cakes with. I paid more for the airbrush than I did the compressor!!!
I'm wondering, how far in advance can I make my fondant cutouts for a cake? I have several cakes that need to be finished all around about the same time. and how do I store the cutouts, until I need them? thanks for any suggestions.
thank you
Hi, I am new at making cakes, and need lots of help I am wondering, if I freeze my cake, do I need to let it thaw before I put my fondant on it? And is so how long should I let it set out?
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