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My husband landed a couple of good finds at one of the local thrift a few new cake pans all for just pennies! One of them is a large silicone rose shaped pan. I've never been one for shaped/formed pans but I thought I might try it out. My question should I cover the cake? I'm guessing fondant won't work? Butter-cream might be pretty tedious? What about poured fondant? I've never tried poured fondant before but am always looking to try new...
How do I go about getting one? My google search is, quite honestly, very overwhelming! Any tips or recommendations on the best way to get a certificate? Thanks much!
I've been asked to make a cake for a wedding reception with approximately 150 people. This will be my first time doing such a thing. Birthdays, etc. sure! But wedding?!!! Anyway, how do you go about figuring out how big to make a cake or how much to make? Thanks so much!!
If I were to get just a few cake pans, supplies, what would you recommend that could be the most versatile and used most often? I have a 10" and 8" rounds, 9x13 rectangle, 8" square, 10" heart shaped and two loaf pans. Any recommendations? Thanks much!
OH EXCELLENT advice!!! Thank you so so much!!! That is JUST what I was looking for!
I'm learning so much from all of you here and the tutorials!!! My question now is how do you all get such flat tops to your cakes? I'm still just using cake mixes but am thinking of trying my hand at making a cake from scratch...not sure if that will help or not, but anytime I do make a cake it's puffy enough on the top that it's difficult to stack them. I attempted to cut it once...but it came out completely crooked!! What is the trick???Thanks much y'all!!! I love...
Thank you for your suggestions!! I was just using a little cheapo detail brush I had here at home... is there a particular kind and/or brand that works best? Also, where might one find these airbrush colors?
Your question has peaked my interest as well as I am concerned about the same issue with tackiness. I'm wondering...where might one find these edible airbrush colors?
I am by no means actually GOOD at making these cakes, but it's still very fun for me! I would love to practice more and as I'm really trying to work on my diet, I'll probably do that by making them and giving them to others! I certainly wouldn't be restrained enough to have cake in the house all the time! Anyway, I just read today that you can paint food coloring onto fondant!!! I'm ecstatic to try this!!! So, I attempted to do so on some scrap MMF that I have here...
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