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So, I just bought a cookie press thinking it'd be a super cool little do dad to have for popping out some quick shaped cookies. But I'm frustrated already!The dough is pushed out just fine and in the right shape, but it doesn't come off of the cookie press. It just sticks to it and I have to use a knife or something else to peel the cookie shape off of it, causing it to either fall apart or morph into some weird looking blob.Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!
Oh good grief, I never even thought of a 14!!! Thank you for that!!! I only have up to 12" pans so I just never thought about it!! But this is perfect!! YAY! Cake pan shopping for me!!Thank you!!
I'm doing a wedding cake for a friend soon and I just got stumped. (Maybe it's just too early in the morning for my brain to function correctly )She asked for a 3-tier to feed 100 people. However, she does want to save the top tier. So... typically when I make cakes to save the top tier, I make that top tier a 6 inch round. But if I do that, the bottom two tiers will need to be at least 12-10...and with a 6 inch top, wouldn't that look goofy?? Or should I just make...
A friend of mine would like for me to make her a baby deer (fawn) cake. I'm thinking of using my 3D lamb pan but just not sure if I can work out in my head enough to make it look right.Any ideas on that? I know I'd have to do something about his ears... she did say she would like for him to have little antler stubs so any ideas on how to make them look "fuzzy" instead of "furry"? Thanks for any ideas!!!
I recently bought the Wilton 3D bear pan.... the first run, I didn't put enough batter in and he came out with no legs. No biggie; it was just a practice run and I knew I didn't make enough for it anyway.Next run, COMPLETE DISASTER! First, it's not done! The cake is still gooey inside; the directions say to bake at 350 for 50-60 min. and DO NOT OVERBAKE. So I left him in for 60 (fully preheated oven) and he's still gooey. Next, the batter in the heater core, completely...
I use marshmallow fondant most of the time with my cakes but I'm thinking of giving ice cream cakes a go. My question is, what is going to happen to the fondant in the freezer? Is there anything obvious that I should be worried about with this as well. It'll be my first ice cream cake as well as my first time freezing the fondant. Thanks bunches!!
I'm making a cake for a friend in the next few days. They want a carrot cake lamb with cream cheese icing. I've only ever decorated with fondant and buttercream. I know this might make me sound kind of "cake dumb" decorating with cream cheese icing the same as buttercream as far as consistency, etc. I'll need to make some curly hair, etc. for the little lamb and I just want to make sure he comes out right. I've never even tasted cream cheese icing, let alone...
thank you very much for that!! That was most helpful!!!!! I've purchased on online and am waiting for it to arrive!! thanks so so so so much!!!!!!!!!
thanks so much!!! I've done some more looking around and I think I'm going to go ahead and get the cricut mini. I'm so super excited!!! Thanks for your help!
I'm thinking of getting my hands on a cricut to use for cake stuff.... my question is, will any model of cricut machine work or does it need to be specific? Thanks so much!
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