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So, I've been playing around with some cookie recipes and I think I've got it down to one I like. However, it seems at times, depending on the "flavor" of cookie, they get to be really REALLY crunchy! Is there some particular ingredient to add to the flavors that end up crunchier to make them more soft and moist? For example, I use the same recipe for all of them but chocolate comes out hard and crunchy. The only difference from the other cookies, is the flavor. Is...
Would anyone happen to know of a recipe for making your own icing sheets? I'm referring to the type that are sold in packs of ten or so sheets... If not, are the prepurchased sheets easy to use in the cricut cake machine?I'm not opposed to buying them, it's just that I'd like to be able to have as many color options as possible and if I can make them myself, I wouldn't be stuck with just a pack of white ones, etc.Thanks so much!!
Awesome! I never would have thought of that!!! Thank you so much for your help!!!!
I wasn't sure where to put this post so when I saw "general" I thought that might cover it. I apologize if this is the wrong place!So my question is, can I use my Kitchenaid to make marshmallow fondant? I always just make it by hand with a huge mess, which is OK, but my husband had the bright idea that maybe if I used the dough hook (greased very well) that I'd be able to make it that way. Or, if it can't feasibly be made that way, would it be possible to color it with...
Maybe this is a stupid question but I've never tried it before...would it be dumb of me to use pudding as a filling between cake layers? I'm not sure if it would end up soaking into the cake itself or cause another problem but wanted to check here first. I'm thinking of doing a chocolate cake with banana pudding filling (with some pineapple and strawberry added for good measure ).Be honest! You won't hurt my feelings if you say "Yes, that would be incredibly stupid".
I'm wanting to do a cake with a small pair of cowboy boots on top... 3D boots. I know there's a pattern for high heeled shoes, but does anyone happen to know how or have a pattern or tutorial on how to make some little boots? They aren't going to be huge...just a part of a theme on a cake. Thanks so much!!!!
No problem! Thanks for posting! I guess I should say that it's not like the icing wants to slip right off of them... it's more that it is easily pushed off in one chunk.
I'm going to be making some jar cupcakes and taking them on a 5 hour trip. I noticed that the last icing I used on cupcakes tends to want to slide off the tops of the cupcakes without a whole lot of persuasion. I typically just use a simple buttercream recipe.Any ideas on the best kind to use so this doesn't happen? I'm not sure if using the jar will make a difference or not, but since the buttercream I use does crust, maybe having a lid on the jar will keep it from...
Ok, so I'm more of a cake gal, but someone has requested cupcakes! One hundred and fifty cupcakes!! So, I'm wondering how would I go about getting them where they need to go? I know there are the cupcake inserts for boxes but for this number of cupcakes, it's not really cost effective. Any special tips or anything that y'all use? I've seen the cup idea too but... how do you get them OUT of the cup without ruining the icing? Thanks for any ideas!!
Thank you so much for your help!!! I ended up using cookie cutters for most of the cookie dough but left some to try practicing some more once I got some advice. I am going to go try these tips now!!!
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