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I'm thinking of doing a cake like the one I'm attaching here. I won't be exactly the same or the same colors, etc. but this is the effect I need. My question is... what would I use for that technique? Fondant? Modeling chocolate? Something else?? Thanks so much for any input!
Thank you so much for that!! That is a great idea!! However, they have a specific cake they sent a picture of that they want it to look like. :/ I just don't know how big to make it! :pI love your idea though!!
I'm needing to do a cake in the shape of a six and a zero (for a big 60) for a serving size of fifty people. How on Earth do I figure up how large to make each letter? I use Earlene's cake chart for everything else, but this is a new one for me. Thanks so much!
Thank you both for your help!!! Very much appreciated!! I'm not going to wire the flowers; I've not ever done that before... unless I should start? :p I've done flowers on cakes before by attaching with buttercream or gumpaste glue, but I just wasn't sure about the trip; I'm assuming I'll need to take all of the pieces parts there and assemble on site (or at least in the hotel room... I tend to prefer to deliver the cake complete... I can't STAND having an audience...
I'm going to be making a friend a wedding cake next month. As of right now the design is going to be a pale sky blue with white daisies cascading down from the top. The cake is going to be making an eight hour minimum car ride, however and then will sit over night to be assembled the following day. I have to make everything before we leave for the trip as I will not be in a location where I can do it once we are there. So, it brings up some questions:1. I've never done...
I have a request for a white chocolate raspberry cake. My initial thought was to do raspberry filling however they want cream cheese filling in "white chocolate raspberry cake". Any ideas?? I've heard that you could use juice instead of water, so perhaps raspberry juice in a white chocolate cake?? I have no idea!! I'm open to suggestions. Frankly, it sounds pretty gross to me, but they are pretty excited about it.
Well, I did some shopping and as torn as I am between the KA and the Cuisinart, My husband got me a bigger KA via the Elder Beerman website (the professional 600... 575 watts); with a coupon and free shipping he got it for $250. Not too shabby in my book. Thank you all so very much for your help!!! Much MUCH appreciated!!
I'm so glad to have found this thread; I'm doing a cake tonight and ran out of dowels!! I'm trying straws on this one!! But I wanted to add that when I do use dowels, I use some that are pretty thick. I use a new pair of pet nail trimmers to cut them; works like a charm!!! I use the type that you squeeze like pliers made for up to large dogs (like these )
I've been asked to do this for a friend. I can pretty much figure it all out aside from the outside edge; the fluted/rippled part. It looks like it was put on at the end, rather than poured at the same time as the top. But what on Earth?? I'm no expert by any means so perhaps it's something easy.... but you all are so great at these things I wanted to check with you first... before I tell her I can do it. Here is the link to the one she...
Thank you thank you thank you for all of your suggestions!! Most helpful!! I actually only live about 30 minutes from the Kitchen Aid store in Greenville and have been there a few times! I'd actually forgotten they have the discounted models!! Thank you for the reminder! Thanks again, everyone!! I do love hearing all of your thoughts on the various models/brands!!
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