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Yes that's what I'm doing. I have one already thats nice so I'll just bring that.Thanks again
Thanks everyone for your replies. Just wanted to make sure what I had in mind was correct. They have their original wedding cake. What I'm making is a little grooms cake of 6" and 75 mini cupcakes for the sweet table. Just wanted to know if I would put this on a cake stand or if it's just directly on the table.
I'm somewhat new to the cake business so I'm not sure how some things work. Eg: If I have an order for a cupcake wedding cake do I provide the cupcake stand or does the bride? Do I need to set it up or do the people who work at the venue do that. I'm so confused and stressed.this is my first big order Thank you
It's basically 1/2 cup non salted butter 7oz fluff 3 cups icing sugar Vanilla extract It's super simple and easy but It's not the one I'm looking for
I've been using " marshmallow buttercream" for some time now but I'm getting fed up with the fact that it doesn't taste like the one I've tasted before. What buttercream recipes do you professional cake makers use? I actually asked the girl I used to order cakes from and she said marshmallow but I just havn't found a recipe that tastes like hers. Please help. I need a great recipe for this weekend Thank you
Made this yesturday for the first time using betty crocker and it turned out amazing! This is my new way of making cakes and they don't tase boxed :)
I'm gonna try that hershey cake.. is it the perfectly chocolate chocolate cake? Is it a moist crumbly cake or more dense?I used a duncan hines cake last night and it just fell apart.
I made 3 chocolate cakes last night and when I went to take them out of the pans they all fell apart and crumbled. I don't know what I did wrong but I think I need a new chocolate recipe that doesn't crumble. Does anyone have any tips or maybe a really good chocolate cake recipe. I need 2 of the cakes for tomorrow night which is really bad cause I need to decorate them tonight it was a long night and tonight even longer
So i have a client who wants a golf themed strawberry shortcake but the cake has to be angel food cake. Now I'm not sure fondant is gonna work on this... Am i wrong? Will crush the cake if i put buttercream on the outside and let it harden... Please help!! I need this cake for tomorrow morning
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