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Thanks for the responses!!  I made some pink candy clay and chilled it.  Then, used a grater and got something very close to those curls.  By the time I add a little edible glitter it'll be just what I needed!!  
These are what is described a "tiny fondant curls".  Does anyone know how I can get this??
I find that I don't get on Cake Central as much as I did before the changes because I don't have the time to learn it right now.   GGGRRRRRRR!!   It does suck outloud!
Have any of you bakers ever actually cut into the "candy melt shell" to serve it? I've made it several times but started thinking maybe it would be difficult to cut so I went back to using buttercream - although the candy shell is soooo much cuter!!
The ONLY free cakes I ever do are the 7 grandchildren!! Luckily for me their birthdays are generally spread out over the year. It is true...people just do not have a CLUE what it takes - both monetarily and skills!!
I guess, Jason, the scam would be that a bride ordered a cake, said the cake didn't make it to the venue except in scraps - a little bit of cake to serve her guests - then took pictures of the bride and groom cutting the very tall cake...
A fellow caker friend of mine contacted me to let me know she has seen the "wedding photos" and there is a photo of the "CAKE" standing in all it's glory!! I'm stunned to say the least that someone would actually try to get a free wedding cake. I'm not offering ANY refund on her cake!! I'm so pissed right now............Thanks for all the support. It has helped me get though one hell of a day that I should have spent resting from the work week.
Our community is pretty small. Not to acknowledge the problem or give some compensation is going to cause a backlash I'm thinking. I do not believe I owe one. I'm just trying to be proactive to head it off.I'll try to attach the photo I took.
Well. I did just hear from the bride. She says her grandparents told her the cake "crumbled" just a short way down the road from my kitchen. Then, they went to the venue and the grandmother tried to fix it best she could. It was very little by then. My question is: Why the heck didn't they just bring it back to me??? I say it fell over during a turn and they just kept going. She had my phone number. grrr. I do believe the bride will ask for a full refund.
At this point I'm not sure if I should contact them? Or wait until somebody says something to me. I've got to settle it soon because I can't think of anything else!!I do so appreciate all the comments and advice.
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