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I didn't know that you could get a solid color from petal dust. Do you have to use half a bottle on each though to get it that dark?On a side note WOW your sunflower wedding cake is AMAZING!!!!
Neat! I didn't know that you could do that Good to know! So you just use a little paint brush (obviously just for this purpose ) ? Do you have to use lemon extract or can you use any extract?
Hi,Is it possible or how would you - take a white gumpaste rose and make it into an eggplant color? I can't find a spray that is this colour. Is there any hope or would I have to make the roses with the eggplant gumpaste?Thanks
Flour Confections is great (in store on online)!
I have not shipped these before, but I can say that the ones I made did very well loose in a bag. I can't see why you couldn't ship these. As long as the turn around for her to get them isn't too long. I would love to hear how you make out!
Thank you! I am always a little nervou to use too much tyclose.
Anytime I make a cookie cutter type shape out of my fondant it always looses its shape when I try to set it on the cake. Do I need to let them dry longer or should I add icing sugar or tyclose powder to my fondant?
Has anyone made a push pop stand? If so could you please share how you made it. Thanks!
Blakescakes - How did you get the detail in the ribbon? Looks so pretty!
Thanks Dayti, I will have to give this a try!
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