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Ok, I went to double check a recipe in my favorites to see exactly how much water to use, and it was gone!! In fact, ALL (about 20 - 30) of my saved recipes were gone but one!! Luckily, I found what I needed, but I can't remember each and every one I've lost. Has this happened to anyone else?
Hi!! I've made this baby before - you can see it in my gallery I purchased the mold from Global Sugar Art (not as expensive as you might think!) and followed the tips that come with it. The flower looks like it was made with a large and a medium 5 petal cutter. The edges look like they were thinned with a ball tool before they were "glued" together. Hope I've helped!!
If you go to google images you can see a little camera in the search box. It allows you to upload your images to search the web. Just did one for mine and it came back to the tutorial here on CC
I wish CC did what Flickr does and copyright the photos so thieves can't steal them from us. It really isn't fair to do so much hard work and have others benefit from it.
Oh my goodness, pricing scares the ganache out of me. Right now I bake cakes for family & friends, so no profit for me yet. I plan on starting a home based business (legally) by the fall, and this is the biggest hurdle for me. I look at my cakes and feel I could make a decent amount on each of them, but I don't know how to compute the figures!!
Be prepared to mix for hours!! LOL I made my husband a cake for his birthday and needed maroon but only had burgundy as well. The trick is to add red to it - and a tinge of brown if you feel you need it in the end. I used almost the entire bottle of both colors before I was happy with it. Good luck to you!! Here's a pic of my final outcome
Thank you so much for replying to my question, and especially for the compliment on my cake My husband is retiring from the Navy after 24 years later this month, and we are looking to buy a home in the Fredericksburg Va area (about an hour from DC) My biggest fear is that I'll short myself because I can't even have a garage sale without giving people a break!! lol I know I'm not the best decorator around, but I do feel like I've grown leaps and bounds in the past year....
I only make cakes for friends and family at this point, but will be moving to another state and intend on starting a legitimate home based business after settling in. I know this question has probably been asked over a thousand times, but I'm hoping you all can help me out - could you please tell me what you would charge for this cake?? It's a 10" round with a cereal treat lid. My nephew helped me with the piping around the top as it was for his Grandmother, so next time...
I ALWAYS have a problem with DH chocolate cake mixes. I use the same WASC recipe with all of the other DH flavors, and the cakes always come out perfect. Not the chocolate. Sometimes the cake comes out and falls apart on me, sometimes is sinks, sometimes it's so moist that it feels wet & i can't use it. Lucky for me, I don't have to bake very many chocolate cakes. I think I'll try BC to see if I get better results....
I posted my most favorited and most viewed, but I'm extremely proud of of these two - the first a cake for a woman's 61st bday, and the second a thank you gift for my son's band director and his staff. The one for the director is a near exact replica of their marching helmet like the second to the last pic the best here) the last two pics are the cake in it's completed state)
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