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Hi forgot to say that the baking parchment on the top stops the cake from getting crusty, also if you feed the cake with alcohol it helps in keeping the cake moist.
Using DS's scaling recipe the cakes are 3" in height, I have never had to trim them, as when baking in her recipe she tells you to cover with a double layer of baking parchment with a hole cut out in the middle about the size of a UK 50p piece.  I also turn the top to the bottom before applying the marzipan and sugar paste as this gives a better finish. HTH
I have used delia's fruit cake recipe so many times, I used it for my 3 tier wedding cake and made the cakes about two months in advance, fed them with brandy every so often, kept them wrapped  in baking parchment and kitchen foil until it was time to cover and decorate.  Also use this recipe for my Christmas cakes.
Will do Thanks for the tip 
Thank you BeckyRink and Crazy-Gray for your help.  Crazy-Gray, I would feel happier using GP as I havn't had much experience with modelling chocolate - BTW love your work - have quite a few of your pics in my favs! 
Hi all you lovely cakers!  I need some help and advise on a project that I am wanting to do for mid March. I have to make some small ladies (approx. 3 1/2" in height) that will have the effect of looking like they are made from white/ivory marble - which medium would be better for this?     a)   White modelling chocolate? what should I add to make the chocolate more of a white colour without making it too soft to work with, will it set hard enough to retain it's form?...
Sorry about the typos:)
Thank you cakelove2105' in the top phone of the 2 tier cake - these butterflies I cut with a butterfly punch, each one is 2 different patterned craft paper with the top butterfly folded a little to give a 3d look they are glued together and onto the cake with royal icing. In the next two cakes I used plain white rice paper (although you buy this in different colours), I cut the wings out freehand, piped some royal icing bodies to stick the wings into, before attaching...
Here you go:         
I usually make butterflies from gumpaste, but have also cut them out of rice paper which I think makes them look more delicate, I have also used a butterfly punch to cut them out and made 3D ones out of patterned hobby paper and stuck them onto the cake with royal icing, but these would need to be removed before cutting and serving the can take a look at my pics. HTH
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