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Do you do an initial crumb coat? How many coats or layers of frosting do you apply? I see this when you try to ice all at one time without doing a few thinner coats.
Thinking back on my cake, I think this may have been the issue. Normally I bake two days ahead, wrapping and storing in fridge. The day before decorating I crumb coat, chill then final ice all my tiers and then back in the fridge. The last day I stack an decorate. Everything else aside I think it would have been okay had it had time to settle. I actually made my cakes ahead of time and chilled. Then iced an decorated all the same day. Time was an issue. I think it was...
Ahhhhh! Then that was the problem. Lesson learned. Next time I will cut it out and make it level. Thanks so much
I did use the hollow dowels. I am fairly certain there isn't anything else I could have done. I didn't cut or carve into the bottom tier to set the subsequent tiers level. In other worlds I let the second and third tiers sit at an angle. It didn't look so sever that it would be a problem. Especially with the dowel running through all three. I don't know... I'm just rambling
Doubled up my cardboard cake boards, Wilton plastic dowels between tiers and a solid dowel running down the center of the cake. 
And this is the pic I took at the home I delivered to.       
I really was excited to try this wonkie cake. This was my first Topsy Turvy type cake. Let me start  by saying that I hate them. It just goes against everything I like. Straight, even, neat...I don't know maybe its just me, but that may be part of the problem. I went in hating it. Anyway, it was humid and the fondant was giving me issues like it never had. It fought me the whole way through. I delivered it (down a 2 mile washboard dirt road incidentally) and set it up...
The only way I have had success with this is starting with a base color fondant or start with a gray fondant and then put the silver lustre dust on top. hth
Awesome read! God girl you don't even know how many times I have gone through the same thing. Some cakes go so smooth, others fight you and you feel like Snoopy doing a dance with the folding chair. I think we all agree there are just days like that. Keep on caking...and keep the funny stories coming.
I bought the cherry blossom mold this weekend and it worked like a charm and was very affordable. I haven't purchased the scrapbook style punches yet, but they only had a few that looked like something I might be interested in. Most of the punches were too similar to cookie cutters I have, so I couldn't spending the money.
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