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I need to get a rich "eggplant" color for my royal icing. I have used Americolor's violet but even 2 bottles didn't give me a deep enough color. So I added some burgandy, black, and duff's electric purple just messing around with it and still can't get it right. Please help!
Follow sugarsweetcakesandtreats tutorial as one other cc'er had said. She is angelfood4 here on cc. I have done 2cakes in chocolate ganache, one of which is posted in my pics (it's the 2 tier dots with "s" on top). I would not think that bc ontop of ganache would work well but if you wet it a bit it can be covered in fondant. Good luck!
I agree, but also state that you are grateful for her business which is why you'd be happy to do a 10% (?) discount (or something). As a past customer she would know that the quality and taste of your cake is worth a little extra money.Are you doing any specialty flavors? Or is it simply white/chocolate claw with buttercream?
Good luck. Btw, I'm charging my sister-in-law $200 for 200 margarita cupcakes with a candied lime.
My opinion would be that a cream cheese frosting will not hold up well because it is so soft. It's very easy to get a level cake with near perfect edges using Ganache, so maybe that has alot to do with it's growing popularity. HTH
Thanks...I will!
This sounds very interesting. Just to prepare the jello first, yes?
I'd like to know as well. I use fondant "ribbon" to avoid this very question.
I made two last month for my son. Ofcourse I didn't do ANY research and I discovered that it was extremely difficult to buttercream! It was driving me crazy. It took me three separate steps to buttercream then freeze them butterccream then freeze and so on. Next time I'd try coolwhip I made a thin cake in a 10" round. Froze it. Then put it in a plastic wrapped spring form pan. Ontop of that I spread fudge them on top of that I spread melted ice-cream. Then froze that whole...
I'm newer as well. I started out charging $2.50/slice(fondant) because I wanted the experience and now charge $3.5/slice with a minimum of $65. A 12" and 8" feeds about 60 people. You're only charging $.91-$1.33/slice. But if you are looking to get some cakes under your belt, then sometimes you have to short change yourself. HTH
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