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$250 is definitely worth pursuing, but I wouldn't recommend playing games with removing tiers and taking away discounts. If I were you I would tell her that you are willing to give her an additional $50 off as long as she pays in cash by the end of the day tomorrow, and if you don't receive the cash by then you will contact a collection agency to collect the full $250 balance due.
How much was the total order price, and how much has been paid so far?
Do you have any existing orders between now and your due date? If so you should have a backup plan with other reputable bakers in your area to take over your orders in case the baby arrives early.
We suspended our business a month before our daughter was born until she was 2 months old, and for a while we relied heavily on our employee to make the cakes. If you are running the business yourself I recommend keeping the business closed for at least the first 3-6 months and see how things go from there.
You can get a free phone number through Google Voice, you can set it up so calls made to that number are automatically sent to voice mail at certain times of day (or all the time if you prefer), at other times the calls are forwarded to another number of your choice.It is worth updating your business info and reprinting your cards and labels.
How much do you estimate your cost will be for ingredients and allocated overhead? How many hours do you think you will spend on the order in total? Once you calculate what your hourly wage will be you may rethink accepting the order in the first place.
Here's a direct link: It really depends on the area...$4/slice might be too high, too low, or spot on.
You can always just tell her that you do not have the availability to drive out and deliver the sample, but she is welcome to pick up the sample (or have the tasting) at your home. If she pushes back, you can suggest that she forgo the tasting and wish her the best of luck with her event if she refuses.
A lot of customers does not necessarily mean that a business is successful. For example, if she is pricing below market value and using a lot of discounts/Groupon-type deals she will get a ton of traffic and lots of revenue, but all that cash will be spent on her employees, suppliers, and overhead with nothing left for herself or her business.
Is this customer prepared to pay your prices plus your delivery charge? What is their budget, and what kind of cake are they asking for? What kind of revenue are you looking at for this order? I charge $1/minute round trip for delivery plus setup, so a delivery 90 minutes away would be a minimum of $180 for delivery alone. If this was a large order ($500+) I probably wouldn't charge extra for having the tasting 30 minutes away or so (of course I would still charge for...
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