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Relevant SCOTUS case: information you are passing along is too dangerous to let it stand unrefuted.
If that were true, one would expect all tax evasion cases to be dismissed, but people are routinely found guilty of not paying their taxes.More info is on Wikipedia (see citations for ultimate sources) if you don't like Snopes:
If income taxes are truly voluntary, why are people arrested, convicted, and imprisoned for tax evasion?
Depends on what the customer is expecting. For a simple single tier party cake I'll just quote a flat price, but for a multi-tier cake or wedding cake I will present the price on a per-serving basis in addition to the total quote. You are correct that the formula does not produce a per-serving price, you can break that down separately depending on the serving size.
She may be a good customer, but it doesn't sound like she's in your target market if she's not willing to set a reasonable budget for a custom cake. If your prices were set too low, you can expect this scenario to play out over and over again with repeat customers, so you may want to readjust your marketing strategy at the same time you change your prices.
The only thing the IRS cares about is that you pay the amount of tax you owe. As I stated above, worst case scenario in the case of the audit is spending some time reclassing expenses. With no additional tax owed, there would be no penalty.This is more a case of "don't sweat the small stuff" than "fudging", to me the latter term applies more to deducting non-deductible expenses and/or artificially reducing income. There is also some level of leeway given to business owners...
You are absolutely right and I should have qualified my statement...of course you need to be careful about reading labels, sanitizing equipment, and avoiding cross-contamination, but nut-free is easier than gluten-free if only because fewer items are contaminated with nuts than with gluten and you typically don't have airborne contamination with nuts. I was responding to Psyched Baker's post saying that she was not willing to make her family give up nuts and that tools...
What was your gross income? How about your net income last year? Are you depreciating the equipment you bought? Is the truck used exclusively for your business?
Try this book:
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