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Posts by jason_kraft fact I quickly skimmed that section and originally thought all the photos were representative of your work before I read it in greater detail.
A marketing strategy should be self-explanatory. SEO (search engine optimization) is one component of the strategy to help improve your web site's placement in search results organically (as opposed to buying ads), here is some more info: can design the site so that the rest of the site loads while the slide show is set up, it shouldn't take more than a few seconds for the slide show to start.If you want to maintain...
What is your marketing and SEO strategy for advertising the site? The site looks good, but to me it seems a little generic and doesn't stand out much. Some possible improvements are a custom-designed logo to help branding, a more conspicuous link to your contact form on the home page, more info about your competitive advantages on your home page, and a dynamic slideshow on the home page to show off more cakes. Also, the name of your business seems to suggest your...
If it is a licensed figure you can charge the customer without any would be no different than buying the figure by itself and selling it someone else.
This is still infringement if you created copies of the characters yourself without permission. Trying to be creative to circumvent the law can make things worse since it shows you were aware of the law and actively tried to get around it.If you buy licensed characters you can legally include them on the cake or resell them without permission.
It is possible. As MsGF mentioned the biggest concern in an open shared space is airborne cross contamination. If you can confirm that no one will be using the kitchen for 24 hours before you bake gluten-free you should be OK as long as you be sure to sanitize all surfaces and equipment. We successfully ran an allergy-friendly bakery (including gluten-free) out of a shared commercial kitchen for years with no cross-contamination problems. It helped that the facility had...
Try Craigslist and local Facebook groups for cake decorators.
Don't forget to include your overhead costs like cottage food license fees, insurance, advertising, etc.
The Ice Blended® from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is far superior to the lowly Starbucks Frappuccino® . The generic term used by competitors is "frappe".
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