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If you have not done this before, I strongly recommend passing on the order. It's not too difficult to make a gluten-free/dairy-free cake, but you need to strictly follow processes to avoid cross-contamination and demand the same of the manufacturers of your ingredients. It took us several months of R&D to put together both a great scratch gluten/dairy-free recipe and institute a system that would allow us to safely bake gluten/dairy-free in a kitchen that contains gluten...
Depending on market value and number of servings it would probably be somewhere between $150 and $1500.
8" double layer BC allergy-friendly cakes with basic decoration comprised a good portion of our business. Even at starting prices of $44 and having to pay for a commercial kitchen these were still pretty profitable. The only requirements from the customer were the allergy combination, cake flavor, frosting flavor, filling flavor, the message on the cake, and what color balloons or roses they wanted. The customer paid on pickup or delivery.
If you plan on doing this yourself count on working at least twice as many hours as you are now, probably for less money than you are currently making. A business plan and a good-sized startup fund are a must.
I believe you take out 2 tbsp of AP flour per cup, adding 2 tbsp of corn starch per cup back in ensures the same volume of dry ingredients while lowering the gluten content of the mix.
The recipe calls for less baking powder and salt than is included in self-rising cake flour, so I don't believe you would be able to successfully modify it. Your best bet is probably to make your own non-self-rising cake flour.
Copyright law affects everyone, regardless of whether or not they operate a business or charge for the final product. If a character, logo, or some other original design is copyrighted, then you need permission to recreate it, period. Typically the easiest way to do this is by calling the copyright owner and speaking to someone responsible for licensing. Email, snail mail, and faxes are too easy to ignore. Some copyright owners will allow unlimited use, some will allow...
You can make non-self-rising cake flour with non-self-rising AP flour and corn starch: Alternatively, 1 cup of flour can be made self-rising by adding 1.5 tsp baking powder and .5 tsp salt. If you use 1.75 cups of self-rising cake flour you would need to remove 2 5/8 tsp of baking powder and 7/8 tsp of salt, so be sure to have negative baking powder and negative salt on hand.
That could be a legitimate niche. One of the other tenants in our commercial kitchen in California specialized in wholesale baked goods made with cannabis for medicinal purposes. Given that Colorado allows recreational use there should be a pretty big market.
It depends. There are many different segments of the market, so if the market you are targeting is under-served and/or you have a strong competitive advantage you should be in pretty good shape.
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