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No problem, better safe than sorry. As for K8memphis I would just ignore her.
Just because something says "copyright free" it's not safe to assume that it is in the public domain, unless the statement appeared on the copyright owner's web site.
Nope.For me, you've crossed the line when you are aware that what you're doing is wrong but you keep doing it and make up excuses or try to circumvent the law. But that's not really relevant here.
True...personally I don't care about my confidentiality in this case, that info was more for anyone else who decides to report suspected infringement.
If more people report them it is more likely something will be done about it. Just sayin'.
Yep, I notified Disney of suspected copyright infringement. Normally I wouldn't bother, but they were tempting fate with their rationalization.The notification process is confidential, so the suspected infringer doesn't know who turned them in, nor does the person who turned them in get any additional info about what happened to the suspected infringer.
A FB page is better than nothing, but do yourself a favor and require all orders to be sent via email or by phone (or the order form on your web site once it is ready) and work out a consistent order process that keeps everything in writing so customers know what to expect. SEO = search engine optimization, which is a strategy for helping your web site appear higher in organic search results (as opposed to paid options like Google AdWords). When you talk to a professional...
You might want to narrow that down a little. Do you sell cheap cakes? Expensive cakes? Organic? Vegan? Gluten-free? Box mix? From scratch? From a storefront? Online? Delivery? Kids' birthdays? Weddings? Funerals? Sheet cakes? Tiered cakes? Conservative designs? Trendy? Baked with weed?And without knowing your competitive advantage (e.g. what you do better than your competitors) it will be difficult to put together something that will add value.
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