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Check out the Pricing Formula link in my signature below. You may also want to read the Copyright Law article (since you need permission in order to legally reproduce copyrighted characters) and make sure you are following licensing and food safety laws in your area.
My question was more about utilization than productivity...if you are on target with the number of orders and you are happy with your profitability on a weekly basis (and more importantly your monthly trend of profitability) then your current strategy is working for you even if there are some anecdotal adverse events. If not (and the tasting is the source of the issue) then you need to change your tasting process to better serve your current target market and/or adjust...
If you offer a free tasting or apply the cost to the deposit, don't forget to add that cost back in to the price of the cake.
The formula I use is ingredients + labor + allocated overhead for cost, then add markup for profit based on market value to reach your final price. Check out the Pricing Formula link in my signature below for more info.
This is eventually what we started doing once we realized in-person tastings weren't adding a lot of value for us or for customers. Our "to-go" tasting package consisted of two cut up previously frozen unfrosted 6" rounds (cut using a round cookie cutter) in different flavors, and two plastic containers with different frosting/filling flavors. The cost was $30, with $10 additional for each additional flavor of cake or frosting/filling.
It depends...does the extra cost per slice you added cover the cost of your labor? What is the market value of the cake in your area?
How much are you charging for your custom tastings? What is your typical utilization (100% = you are working at max efficiency during your designated working hours with zero downtime)?
It depends on the recipe. As you mentioned, it's a blend of regular and dutch so the Special Dark is more acidic than 100% dutch, but less acidic than 100% regular. Baking soda is activated by acidity, so if you have other sources of acidity in the recipe you should be OK, otherwise you'll probably need to sub some of the baking soda with baking powder (which is just baking soda + acid).
Hershey announced a multi-year development partnership today with 3D Systems, the company that makes these printers.
I don't enjoy turning people in (and nowhere did I say I was "happy" about it)...I just do what I feel is the right thing to do as a citizen and let the relevant authorities know when someone is doing something wrong.
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