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I don't know about healing, but for prevention in the future you might consider some good inserts or orthotics in addition to new shoes. I just wear sneakers with inserts that I got at the sporting goods store. I've found that the insert prolongs the life of the cushioning in the shoes, without much extra cost.Also, everyone in my family (except for me, oddly) has a lot of foot problems, but they all swear by orthotics. They use several different kinds, but all agree...
It should be fine. I've made lots of ganache cakes and had no problems. It will actually remain softer at room temperature than it would in the fridge. I haven't used white chocolate ganache, but I can't see why it would be any different. It's still just cocoa butter, sugar, and milk solids.
I've kept royal icing flowers in a tupperware container for several months before and they looked/felt just like the day I made them. (I actually just forgot about them, that's why they were there so long! I threw them out anyway, though. There are limits...)I put a few paper towels in the bottom to cushion them. Don't know if it helped soak up any humidity. Just keep them in a cool, dry place.
I read somewhere that you can warm up ready-made fondant (as in, the kind you roll out to cover a cake) and add a bit of glucose and use it as pouring fondant. I tried it with poor results, but I think I may have overheated it. Has anyone tried this?
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