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I'm sure this has been mentioned in the past, but here's some info for you (especially non-US bakers that cant get bleached cake flour).I was reading an article from a fantastic blog online and the lady there, Kate, did an experiment with flour (00 and plain flour). She microwaved it to mimic the bleaching effect and then replaced 2 T of the flour with cornflour for every cup she needed for her recipe. She claimed the results give you a cake worthy of any baked with low...
Ha ha Tesso! How dare you inspire me! I made some of your MMF the other night and now I keep going out to the kitchen and snacking on it. but I make sure I make it into a pretty flower first
awwwww dont be sad adventuregal! I've never made a bc cake because like the UK, Ireland doesnt get past the fondant cake, BUT now I'm going to attempt Sugarshacks bc I need to try that bc techique, so I'll try to keep the bc alive at this side of the atlantic......
thank you so much for the offer to pm! i guess you saw the one pic i have uploaded and figured oh yea she needs help! haha....ill be waiting [/quote]lol you really made me laugh there!And btw your cake is really pretty. love the piping and the flowers
What a feeling! Good for you. Keep that passion in your belly. I'm inspired by this website on a daily basis Would love to see you pic when you eventually get it uploaded.
I dont know why you hate that. Its so artistic and I feel the angst of the angel. I'm from Ireland so i "get" dr who. do you have any bamboo skewers and is the fondant still soft? I'd try to feed skewers through the wings down into the cake to try to help them stand up. maybe 2 or 3 per wing until I had enough support. You'd just have to be real careful. is it in case you're interested. I've never been able to get the flavouring she talks about but i use plain vanilla and its still delicious
Hi! I can recommend Dawns Vanilla butternut recipe. Its listed on here but I'll add the link.Very moist and delicious and holds up well to stacking/carving.
you can do this!
I'm only a novice hobby caker, BUT if I were face with such a dilemma I'd be tempted to frost and then try to get the sides even. If you start cutting now you risk ruining the cake layer or making it really uneven .sorry you're having trouble, but good luck!
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