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Thanks for the info Auzzi.I'll forgo the xanthan gum (one less thing to buy, always good!)You do have to be careful not to "toast" or overheat the flour. Mine worked perfectly thankfully.
I'm actually Aoibheann which is an Irish gaelic name and is pronounced Eve-een, so I find it much easier online and in texts etc to shorten it to Eve Plus my family call me Eves
I'm not completely sure about the science in it really. I do know that I've used the AP flour here with the cornflour substitution, and although it helps the texture of the cake I've never gotten the "crumb" that I got by microwaving the flour first.If I get a chance some evening this week I'll do a little baking and make an 8" round with AP and cornflour, then one microwaved and with cornflour and try to take pics of it cut. The difference is incredible!
I sure will. Will be finished either tonight or tomorrow morning In the meantime this is the ganached cake uploaded it to my photos lol (can you tell I'm excited!)I know it's not perfect compared to ones i've seen on here but it's the best foundation I've ever had personally for applying my fondant.Thanks so much for your help and words of encouragement. It really means a lot!
Hi! Thanks to both of you I was on a bit of a timeline because I knew the ganache would need to set on the cake so I went on ahead and made a stiff buttercream for the dam. But I finished putting on the ganache about half an hour or so ago and OMG. love it! so so pretty Lucky for me my DH listens to my whining and came home yesterday with a wide paint/wallpaper scrapper which was a dream to use with the ganache.Not sure how it's going to taste on an entire cake so the...
I'm going to use it on my son's first birthday cake and it's been sitting wrapped since yesterday (took cakes out of the freezer last night)Now do I put a coat of ganache on and leave it til tonight to apply the fondant? (its currently 10am) or put 2 coats on now? I'm not planning on using it as a filling because I want to use a light buttercream but can I use it as a dam? or will I have to make a stiff buttercream for that?I've read through a few ganache threads (even a...
That Cake/table is stunning. Got it saved now to my favs.Bluehue could I ask you a couple of questions?I'm doing my first wedding cake in November and the bride wants high tiers. how many layers of cake is in the 7 inch high tier, is there any dowels in it, and what size of cake pan did you use?Sorry to hi-jack post Suzi
Yep I overcake too!I have 10 cakes now to do in October and I'm planning for 2 of them to be tiered. The occasion? a small christening and a 20th birthday............I need to get a grip!
Hope you find this useful Bluehue.BTW - I love your signature. I smile every time I see it
Hey EvoirThis is the link to the final results page for Kate's experiment've read the entire process where she came to these conclusions and it was very interesting. Basically she microwaves unbleached flour on a plate around 2cm deep until it reaches 130-135C (can be 3-6 minutes depending on the protein levels per 100g, I had to microwave for 6 minutes to get the flour quite hot and mine was AP 10mg protein/100g - I didnt have a...
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