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That's super! thanks so much for that
I am having the hardest time trying to source information on how to stack a high tiered cake. More so how to actually put the tier together to make it 7 or 8 inches high. Im assuming Im going to need dowelling and cake boards in between the layers in each tier because they're so high?The cake will be covered in fondant. I'll be making a spiced fruit cake, a chocolate cake (recipe to yet to be decided) and a vanilla cake - still undecided as the the recipe on that also...
My eyes are filling up reading this thread. Your stories are so touching.My family were never great bakers as far as I can make out so I have nothing passed on to me, but I'm going to pass on to my kids.
try ganache next time to cover cake. There will not be bulging!
Good for you!! Good luck with the cake
This is the final result!i'm pretty pleased with myself definitely be using the ganache again.
Hi Kate!Thanks for coming on here to explain the process! lolI hope you didnt mind me posting the link myself. I was so excited to be able to bake a cake recipe with cake flour that I had to share with the cake nuts on this site. Your blog is great and I'm grateful to you for your research
Thank you Melave! Unfortunately it's gone missing from my pics. You must have just seen it in time Oh well. I have the real mccoy still here so thats a plus
Hi Pamela!I'm a hobbyist and I have to say that my family/friends are yet to get sick of me bringing cake. In fact if I'm asked for a cake I make a point of telling them its my gift for whichever birthday or christening or whatever I'm invited to because I'd be out too much money to make cake AND buy them something.It differs from month to month really. In september I had only 3 cakes to make (one for tomorrow which I cant wait to finish later when kids are in bed) but in...
I find that the MFF (Michelle foster fondant) is a lovely ivory colour from just the natural process of making it.
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