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this may seem like a really dumb question, but!when using the hot knife techique to smooth the ganache do you dry the knife after you take it out of the water and before you touch the ganache?I'd really appreciate some help before I have to attempt this again in the next couple of hours.TIA
hmmmmmm I've taken it out of the oven and cooled it in the pan as per instructions. it seems "heavy" but has a light texture. apparently they're best eaten a few days later so I'll update on the taste then, but it does seem to have an INTENSE chocolate taste. Very rich. I think you're right momma28 in that it's typically eaten unfilled, but in the book she fills it so I've going to try it with ganache. will update later in the week.
I bought the planet cake book and LOVE it and I currently have the chocolate mud cake in the oven just to see if I might use it as my standard chocolate cake. It smells like brownies. is this how mud cake is? does anyone else use this cake? I've never made a mud cake recipe before but I didnt really want a brownie cake. oh well only another 30 mins before I have to take it out......
Great tip! i'll try it out. Thanks
Yep same over here. Now every time I see Lurpak on a 2 for £2 I clear the shelf. may as well get the good stuff when you're paying the same for it anyway!
here's a link to a great tutorial list posted by Rylan
what about just having the elephant/s peaking out the top or side of a train carriage, then you'd only have to do the head and trunk?
I vote for white too. the flavour is more subtle and it would certainly be easier to colour
roll the fondant out really thin (as thin as you can get it!) then leave it sitting for about 5 mins or so til it starts to harden a little and then try the letter cutters. thats what works for me and it was the good citizens of cake central that helped me!
Hello!I've just made my little boy a cake for his first birthday too. there's something very satisfying about it isn't there?! Welcome to cake central. I dare you to not get addicted.........!
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