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I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I strongly recommend you start over again. The cakes sound like they're unusable. Im sorry for the bad time you're having.Good luck
Not sure either, but I did a test cake recently with colouring gels/pastes on fondant and it looked wonderful. Then I cut it and passed it out to my family. Didnt look so wonderful when their hands were coated in the stuff!!!
it's hard to say. I've heard there's a copyright on Happy Birthday!Have you sourced the nursery rhyme to see where it came from? This whole copyright thing confuses me. I can understand why it's in place but I get a sore head thinking about it......
That's what I loved about it. it seems fool proof! I got the idea for mud cake from Bluehue because she said its the cake she makes the most. I really want to get this one right.
That's fantastic, thank you! I did wonder about subbing milk chocolate in it but was unsure it would work. I'm definitely going to try it out. I do think there's too much coffee in it. I use coffee in cake all the time but this was the first time I could taste it.
TBH this cake really doesnt need filled but I'd probably fill it anyway for extra height (i'm trying out recipes for a wedding cake in november)I also have an almost 3 year old with very sticky hands who is constantly stealing cake when my back is turned. At least my dh asks permission
lol I can just imagine. I normally send cakes away too because I just cant have them around me and I've lots of recipes to perfect (Except this one because I had to keep an eye on the flavour. Luckily (or sometimes not!) I have a massive extended family who love cake and are disappointed when I dont arrive with a cake tin in hand. Did I mention I'm Irish
I'm not sure where I'd stand posting this recipe without the permission of the author. does anyone know?In the meantime it's in the book Planet Cake, and its' a great book so definitely worth a buy anyway.
According to my DH the taste did improve, but for me it was still too intense. The texture was really nice and even now its still just as good as the day I baked it so such a good cake, pity I dont like it! lol
Fantastic! Thank you!!
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