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sorry I should clarify, I always have lumps in the mix.
Hey everyone.I've made mudcake a few times now (different recipes) and I seem to always have lumps in it.The recipes I've used imply that you shouldnt overbeat the mix, just stir with a wooden spoon or similar, but this gives me lumps.anyone know how I can stop this?Does anyone just beat the H out of it???
thank you very much For me it was more nerve-wracking sending the cake with the image on it because it was the first time i'd done something like that and I was unsure of myself in how it would be received. Self doubt is a terrible thing. I dont think I would have wanted to experiment with that cake initially but since I'd already had a positive experience I thought I'd try.
I'm in Ireland so I sent it first class normal post to England which is normally 24-48 hours. Both times the cake was there 24 hours later so that helps a lot I imagine. It was a hersheys dairy free chocolate cake both times too which is usually good for a few days. Definitely go for a cake that has a good shelflife.
That's a good point. If it's a very important cake or one you've put a lot of effort into then I doubt I would even try this. There's always a risk of damage.
ooops, no I meant packing tape!
Here goes. I wasnt able to upload onto this site so I've uploaded onto my photo website and copied links. this is how I packed the cake step by step. small cake on small board. double layer of parchment paper around cake. double layer on bubble wrap around...
ok ok, I've seen the horror pictures and read the horror stories of other cc'ers, but I mailed a cake yesterday for the second time and yet again it's arrived at destination in perfect condition.I am so thrilled These are only small round cakes covered in MMF, one with almost no decoration and one handpainted, but they were well packed and I have very happy friends with very perfect cakes.Just wanted to share.BTW, I took pics this time of the packing process and if the...
hello! I've already started my fruit cakes for christmas so not too early to think about it I'd be tempted to go with a chocolate mud cake. Their flavour develops after the 3rd or 4th day and seem to stay nice and moist.
I would certainly try the cake pops! why not: Other than that maybe use them to practice carving a 3d cake?BTW - has your baking powder been opened a while? I usually replace mine every month now just to be sure whether I need more or not because I've figured out some of my cakes have "failed" because of it............just something to consider..
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