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OMG such a simple thing yet I've NEVER thought to do it....Thank you!
Well OP did say the that the baker commented on the fact that the back had already fallen off so I imagine she's just waiting on that call.....
I absolutely know what you mean. Im new to this and for someone to think my cake is worth saving or commenting on really puts me in good spirits for days!
Yes absolutely if it was for someone I know well, even though my skills are limited I'd definitely try.I'd have taken a pic of the cake as it was, with witnesses, and then done what I could to fix or save it, and then I would have helped the bride and groom word a complaint to the cakemaker - although to be fair on you, it really doesnt sound like there was a lot you could have done with a crack that size.
Oh and Welcome to Cake central
technically you can, but I personally wouldnt. I've seen what a little moisture can do to my cakes, esp as I use a lot of 3d figures and accents. I just choose my cakes and fillings carefully so I can leave them at room temperature.
it should be fine to paint on. I've just painted stripes onto a fondant top and it hasnt bled. Take a piece of left over fondant and do a couple of test strokes. I also watered mine down with vodka
ooops that didnt work. hopefully this will
Hi!I was asking for advice on the same topic last month.Coral3 very kindly provided me with this link to a tutorial hope it helps!
oh good luck!!! i hope it goes smoothly for you. I have my first wedding cake next month.
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