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can i make a marble cake out of cake box? I cant find it in the super market. Could I use chocolate cake box mixed with the vanilla cake mix and marble it?
thank you !!
do you have to put dowels on a 9 X 13 double layer cake with fudge in the middle and butter creamed cake ?
does anyone buy bulk cake boxes , fondant , ready made creams? If so where, is it online? I love baking as a hobby and have some friends at work that wants me to do some cakes for them. The problem is I don't want to over charge them, then again I don't want to be under charge.
thank you all for your responds
what do I put around the dummy cake to stick the fondant on? Is it buttercream?
how much should I charge for a dozen of cake pops chocolate with jimmies, nuts, on top ?
how much would it cost for 40 chocolate cake pops dipped in white chocolate and a little fondant flower with a pearl , this is for a wedding put in individual bags tied with ribbon
thank you for your help
where can I buy a cake stand that holds at least a 4 or 6 inch cake on top and 50 cupcakes , been looking online and its so expensive
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