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Thanks guys I'm gunna get started making it might now! Ya all I have is the wilton kind and only a small amount have a feeling I might be making an emergency micheals run! Lol
im makeing a spiderman bust tomorrow and have to die my buttercream red red. i wasnt really worried about it but then i read some comments on here stating that its harder than other colors. should i be worried? dont i just mix the color in when im making the frosting? does it just take extra or something? sorry im just getting nervous cuz i have to have the whole thing done sunday morning lol. would it be better to run to micheals and get the color spray can things?any...
Texassugar explains pricing a little clearer then me lol look halfway down this thread she gives a great example hope this helps!
hmm ok so i have a little more time to devot to this now lol. my son was climbing all over me before and i was trying to answer thru the web on my phone which is why i couldnt see that you had put down these are standard size cupcakes. ok so the very very best way to do this is to figure how much your supplies cost. for example if you buy a 4 pack of butter for 3 bucks but only use 2 sticks for a dozen cupcakes then its a 150 for the butter for a dozen. you do this whith...
U should be able to just shape it into an oval with ur hands and I think u put frosting on it before fondant so u done get bumps and so it sticks to it. Prob want to double check with someone more experianced but that is my thoughts
Same problem!
Man those r gorgeous! Well to do pricing u need to know how much ur supplies cost u, how much u want to make an hour, and how much profit u want to make. R those regular sized cupcakes or minis? If there reg size it will prob b 2 to 3 dollars per cupcake then extra for the pot and ribon and anything else. Id say if those r reg size cupcakes ur quotes r a little low
Pricing depends a lot on where u are but I start at 150 for plan cupcakes with bc swirl. 200 for filled and then additional for more decorated or gumpaste or fondant accents again depending on what they want.
Thanks sweattreat u just saved me a bad experiance cause that was how I was going to do it! Lol
Ok cool thanks jilly cakes so just as its written on the box then right?
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