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I would be really intrested in re starting the great scratch off if anyone else is intrested! Since we've done yellow and choclate I was thinking carrot, lemon, or strawberry. Or maybe even a white choc or spice cake lol oh the possibilites. What do u all think? Anyone ready for a scratch off?
u think anyone would want to get it started again?
any advice?
Hey guys this is my go to yellow cake recipie and I love it!. I'm still a pretty new baker tho and had a quick question. I saw that this can be turned into a lemon cake and will def be trying that but I was wondering if this could be made into a strawberry cake and if so what would u syggest I replace to make it? Or would it be better to just look up a strawberry cake recipie and not try to convert this one? My thing is I really love the texture and flavor of this cake and...
hey guys i stumbled apon the great scratch off for yellow cake and read thru the whole thing it was an amazing thread. so after googling i found one for choclate and carrot as well. im wondering if there are any others because it looked like they were going on every month or so? im also wondering where exactly i find them in the forums? so far only googling seems to work but only for those three?thanks
please some advice would be great!
So for the most part I use sylvia wienstocks yellow cake recipie and I'm wondering if I can substitute lemon and lemon zest to get a lemon cake and the same for strawberry or should I just search up a lemon cake or strawberry cake instead? Any suggestions?Thanks[/url]
u could do lots of things with a good outcome i believe. ri or black choc or even paint on i believe. prob wouldnt do the pens tho mine tend to work one min then not the next especially when i have large amount of work for them. they seem better suited to small details
u got to cover the rkt in bc or something so its nice and smooth when you put the fondant on
oh my goodness i hate making red! i ended up using 2.5oz red color the wilton kind and its still kind of a funky red not to mention because of all the color my icing got runny so had to add mmore ps then it tasted funny. oh my it took all morning to get that stupid icing to be just ok lol! letting it sit definitly help with the color tho.thanks for everyones advice i will post a pic soon
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