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hey guys sorry if this question has already been asked but i made my first cake truffles today and they were fantastic. I did lemon cake with cream cheese frosting and dipped in white chocolate so yummy! my problem was no matter how hot i got my chocolate it was really thick and hard to dip and make it look nice. it looked rough if that makes since. it was wilton brand wafers. is there any secrete to get the chocolate thinner so its easier to dip?thanks
I cant wait to start baking!
mmm its so hard to pick recipies i think ill prob end up entering two but for now this is the one ive come up with!
yumm! stacey that recipe looks sooooo good i might just have to try that one when the time comes!
Ok jess u can submit a recipie but I don't believe u have to in order to participate. Once all the recipies r in ill post a new thread with them listed then u can sign up for any two or more u would like to bake and judge and compare! If u can have some other ppl try and compare them as well that's even better and ur family is usually happy to help lol. If ur able to take a pic of the cake and its crumb as well that's awesome just so everyone can see what it looks...
The link is fine! I cant wait to look for a recipe tonight
Sorry lita I think u posted while I was typing mine lol! But ll ur input is greatly appreciated I'm so happy to have ppl who know how to do this thing! Ya if anyone else wants to lead or whatever I'm a good sharer lol I just really wanted to get one going again! Id say pumpkin is fine unless someone else has any probs with it
Yay so spice cake it is! That's perfect cause I've never made a spice cake either so this will help me choose my perfect go to recipie for the holidays! Id say because of the title of this thread id probably start a new one but I will def link it up to this one! U guys can start entering recipies whenever u like and ill make up the final list evryone can sign up for and ill post it on the new thread . Prob start working on everything tonight after the munchkins in bed lol
adavag- i dont really have a prob with it as long as you mention it in your critique and do both the cakes the same way. Maybe lita can shed some light on this as well since she participated in the last one. I dont usually bake anything as high or as long as the recipie calls for but i think it might have to do with my oven running hotter than it should. I feel like the ingredients are the most important part as far as staying true to the original recipie im excited! i...
the foil liners are my savior! u can order them in all sorts of colors on line or u can try the renadls baked for u lineers. they are super cute and there foil! fixed all my problems!
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