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thanks for the info on appliques. im excited to give it a try!!!
Ya I think my tiers tend to be a little over 5 in since I do three layers of filling. But ur cake is awesome how did u do the appliques if u don't mind sharing?
Sorry everyone I know I've been mia for a bit. I can pretty much say emeril won hands down bit I will still tabulate all the scores for a side by side look as well as a second and third place vote. So it looks like its gunna be white cake unless we get any last minute votes for white chocolate. White cake is good tho its a nice staple cake for weddings and what not. Thanks for participating everyone! Hope ur all having a great halloween! My computer will hopefully be up...
yes please list in order of your favorite to least favorite. i narrowed it down based on comments i got last time i asked. Im going to hopefully chose a flavor by monday so that will give us a week to submit recipes aand whatnot. also if anyone wants to be tabulator for the scores this month please let me know. if no one volunteers i can do it but sure would welcome the help lol. anyways happy baking!!!
great pics adavag thanks for the review too. i know it looks likes emerils recipe is really good think im gunna bake some of those up this week!. even if you didnt sign up for it but baked it you can still do a review. all the extra info helps!also getting ready to start next months thread so what flavor do you all want to do?ive narrowed it down to white cake, carrot cake, cheesecake and white chocolate cake so please vote outta those and ill get the thread started!!!!!
Thanks everyone for all of your wonderful reviews! Sweetcakes i was wondering if you could rate your review so when we tabulate all the scores at the end of the month we can add your in! Thanks and happy baking everyone!
hey i just read your review and it looks pretty cool i think i would definitly give it a try. just a quick question on your cupcake in your review what tip did you use for your icing swirl? 1m? it looks bigger but i like it!
Ok so i finally baked the allrecipies spice cake by pam anderson heres my review1) I give it an 8 for flavor. The aroma was fantastic and the flavor was good but i could of used just a little more sumthin to put it at a 102) The texture wasnt bad but there were a couple air pockets that i didnt really care to much for although i will say it was lighter than i expected and crumbled little i give it a 7.3) Not dry but not as moist as i would ultimatly like i give it an 84)...
Great review! Can't wait to get started on these lol been so busy with other cakes haven't had to much free time for spice but I think as the end of the month comes along and its feeling more like fall ill really get into baking them o I can't wait! Thanks again everyone for the great reviews. And just a reminder to any newcomers your welcome to sign up for two recipes and give us ur reviews any time as long as results r in by the end of the month!
Rainbowbeach please post the conversions that would be great!What a-cake and rainbowbeach is there anyway u can add a pic and an overall review with a number score as well. Hopefully I will be able to make this soon so we can have another opinion since we seem to be at the two extremes of the spectrum lol. Thanks again everyone! Happy baking!
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