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Good morning!   which GF flour blend do you use? I don't know what's in the Cake Planet recipe, but normally it works if you use your old and trusted recipe, substitute wheat flour with an GF flour blend (my favorite is Dove's Farm - ideal for beginners!!).   But as gluten is a sort of protein you need to put back some protein with other ingredients. another problem of GF baking is that the cakes are more tender and less tough. So, one egg more as the recipe asks...
I received the same mail few minutes ago. glad I decided to do some research before answering. seems to be quite a big party if this lady is ordering cupcakes all around the world greetings from the Netherlands, Olivia.
maybe that's a silly question, but where is the almond in this recipe? or does the "almond" in WASC stand for "white like almond"? ... I'm confused
mmhh.... as far as I see this is a standard cake batter with sourcream and milk added to cut down the always ... it's going back to be a modified pound cake
thank you sooo much! I would have never find that recipe because it's not mentioned to be a wasc greetings from innsbruck, olivia.
hello,has anybody experiences with opening a custom bakery in rotterdam / netherlands without being an educated cake-baker? we're moving there next spring and I wonna check out a little bit what possibilities I have.thx, olivia.
overmixing? too less eggs?
that happened to me too when using powderd colour that I had to mix with fluid myself. I just chanched to colouring gel --- no it works perfect!HTH
I prefer peggy porschen's recipe cause it's a little heavier than others, so you can carve it properly.
OMG just figured out how cheap satin ice from global sugar art is!!!!!it's just 2.9dollar per pound. I pay - and that's cheap - 5.8dollar per pound for my swiss massa ticino IF i buy a minimum of 27.5 pounds.if someone ever thinks about moving to europe: forget it!!!
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