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I know this recipe is several years old, but what is "icing sugar mix"?  Never heard of that before.
The mouth seems bigger in the sketch and at more of an angle.  Maybe that's why it seems a bit off to you.
I definitely understand that, and I'm not that experienced in cake decorating, so it's something I won't be able to accomplish right now.  I'd sure like to try some day, though.
I thought I saw a pic in the CC gallery a few months back where the baker took a real heart shaped cake and put it on it's side.  I had PM'd her and asked her how she did it because it intrigued me and I was wanting to do it for my niece's bridal shower cake.  I need to look it up again and practice it because I really want to do it for her and I'll need it by June 9th.  If possible, I'd prefer to do it with all real cake instead of  fake cake.  Time will tell, however!
Yes, she has listed various variations of the main cake recipe and she explains the science of what and why she did what she did.  I use only that white cake recipe now for a lot of cakes that I make by adding various other flavorings and additives to the recipe, as well as just the white cake by itself.  She did a wonderful job of researching and came up with a fantastic recipe.  I have so many people really praise my cakes when I use this recipe.  It is my go-to for white.
You could try SugarShack's buttercream recipe and smoothing technique.  Maybe that would work better for your smoothing.  I've tried it and it really works.
K8memphis....I like that explanation!  Unfortunately, it's also very fitting!  I've seen a lot of changes to CC since I joined.  Some good, some not so good.  There's also a lot of the more experienced cakers who were on here before that you just don't see any more.  I often wonder why.  I miss them and their expertise.  But there are also some that are still here that we can count on for some needed assistance.
Glad to hear it wasn't because you had a relapse!  I was afraid you might be sick again and was hoping that wasn't the problem.
Questio for long does it take to get from the UK and how bad are shipping fees?
I just tried emailing it to that address and it came back as undeliverable because it had been disabled or discontinued.  I'll try it one more time.
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