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I hope my first one turns out as nice as yours!  Great job!
Beautiful, beautiful cakes on here this week!  Auntginn, I especially love that first one you posted.  Is that wafer paper on the bottom tier?  It looks sooo pretty!  Love it.  All the cakes are wonderful, but that one's my favorite.  Morgan, beautiful cake, too.  Love the soft look of it.  Cazza both of those cakes are stunning.  I always have a hard time making sure the back looks as nice as the front.  But those cakes are stunning.  Natt, that is a perfect first...
I have yet to try a mud cake and it sounds like AppleGumPam's is a good one to start with.  Where can I get the recipe?  Never mind.....found the recipe.  Thanks any way!
I do the same thing.  I also do it with limes, that way I always have some fresh/frozen juice to use later.  My husband usually beats me to the orange juice because he loves the fresh juice, but I've also frozen that before and used when making orange chicken or some other dish that needed some orange juice.  Definitely beats running to the store to get manufactured juices.
That's because you're such a caring and considerate person.  It shows in a lot of your posts.
K8, I don't make the cheesecake to sell, it's strictly home consumption and we've never had any one get sick because of the amount of time it spent in the oven.  Once it sits in the fridge over night and I remove it from it's pan, it is refrigerated all the time except when slicing it to eat.  And believe me.....that recipe doesn't last long in this house!!  I do understand what you're saying and if I was in business, I'd really take it to heart and change my method.
So true!  Especially since I kind of like the cheesecake without the topping.
Eachna, that's exactly how I bake my cheesecakes and you're right......they come out beauifully!  Never a crack and ohhhh soooo creamy!!  When I baked my first cheesecake, I didn't know about the water bath and it turned out cracked.  Then I watched Alton Brown make his sour cream cheesecake and he bakes it in a water bath.  That became my new way to bake cheesecakes and none have cracked since.  I follow all of the details you described above in your last paragraph.
Wow!  Some really knock-out cakes this week!  You guys all did beautiful work this week.  Cat, some people are just soooo rude!  I bet that lady turned around and used all your ideas to accomplish what she wanted, but felt she didn't need to pay you.  I hate when people do that!  At least you got a little something out of it!   I've got to make a cake with ruffles around it for next Friday and some cupcakes with the Chanel logo on them.  I haven't really done a cake...
What is Annie's and how do I get on her site to take advantage of the sale?  I'd like to get that cutter, too.
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