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Can you get her caramel filling in the recipe section or from a post on CC?  I love caramel and would like to try it.
I have and it really works.  Love the buttercream!  If I use a different recipe my husband always tells me "you didn't use the right frosting recipe".  And the buttercream looks super smooth on my cakes.  I'm still learning, but her techniques really have helped me get smoother looking cakes.
I use it for both cakes and cupcakes and have never had a problem with either one.  Love this recipe!
Well megpi, you do some beautiful work!
My hubby would be like you and wouldn't pay for it....I'd be the one who would - to a degree.  I love my hobby, but I do realize there has to be a point when I have to do without.  I'll probably get one eventually, but it will be awhile....or one of those times when hubby tells me to get something I really want.  He doesn't fully understand "caking" toys, though!!
I love this recipe!  Have to honestly say I haven't tried all of the variations, but I've tried a few and they've been great!  Haven't tried the chocolate yet because my family has their favorite and I've been instructed not to change it!
Oooooooh!  I love that leaf, but I can't believe how much SugarVeil is asking for that mat!!!!!  I hope some other company comes up with one that's like that, but NOT that expensive!  Sigh.....guess I'll have to do without......
As usual, some very beautiful cakes on here tonight.  Cara, that cake would have driven me mad!  Kudos to you for doing such a great job.
Thank you!  Sounds so good!  Definitely gotta give this a try!
I'll be looking for it.  Thanks!
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